AICD Board Insights

Powered by BoardOutlook, a board performance solution that’s much more than just a board review.



The next generation of board performance tools.

The AICD is proud to partner with leading board performance platform, BoardOutlook, to deliver AICD Board Insights - an innovative and forward-thinking governance solution for organisations of all types and sizes.


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Leading-edge technology

BoardOutlook’s market-leading technology and software delivers a scalable and data-backed board performance diagnostic tool.

Leading governance insights

Data-driven insights to improve your effectiveness and raise governance standards.

Enhanced accessibility

Designed to suit entities of all types and sizes, AICD Board Insights ensures top-tier governance solutions are within reach for every board.


Empower your board. Elevate your governance.

AICD Board Insights brings the best of BoardOutlook’s technology to deliver a scalable and data-backed board effectiveness diagnostic, developed and delivered in partnership with AICD.

Evaluate your board’s performance and deliver clear, actionable insights. Grounded in the latest governance research and benchmarking, this subscription-based service offers continuous opportunities for assessment and improvement.

Ensure that your board stays at the forefront of governance practice.

Our comprehensive board evaluation process allows unlimited participation from both non-executive directors and management, ensuring a holistic view of your board’s performance. This thorough evaluation provides valuable insights into your board’s dynamics, effectiveness, and which areas need attention.

Track your board’s progress with detailed data analysis and year-on-year trends. Understand how your board is evolving and identify patterns that can guide your governance strategies.

Compare your board’s performance and focus areas with those of similar organisations. Our market-based benchmarks provide context and clarity, helping you understand where your board stands and where it needs to improve.

Enhance your board’s effectiveness with tailored workshops conducted by governance experts. These sessions are available on request and designed to address the specific needs of your board and its chair.

Stay informed with quarterly insights on key governance trends. Understand where your board stands in relation to others and stay ahead of emerging challenges and opportunities.

Receive quarterly updates on significant changes in governance policies and practices. Stay compliant and informed with the latest developments in the governance landscape.

Find out more.

Contact a member of the Board Insights team for a confidential conversation about how you can take your governance performance to the next level.

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