Foundations of Directorship™

This three-day program provides aspiring directors with a comprehensive overview of the main components of directorship.



Become a world-class director, from day one.

Start from the ground up. Learn the fundamentals of the boardroom with the Foundations of Directorship™ program.

Designed for aspiring and new directors, the Foundations of Directorship™ program is comprised of three one-day courses, Governance for Directors, Risk and Strategy for Directors and Finance for Directors

Once all three courses and their assessments have been successfully completed within a 12-month period, participants then receive the Foundations of Directorship certificate. 


The program is designed for new and aspiring directors, senior executives, and managers wanting to gain a foundational knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of boards and directors.

For directors newly appointed to boards, anyone who might be interested in pursuing a career as a director, or for executives and managers who would like a better understanding of board processes, the Foundations of Directorship program gives you the essential information you need to know. It offers the skills and knowledge that those new to directorships need to excel in their role from the outset. 

The program covers all the key areas you will need to be across as a board director, including sessions on board duties, meeting processes, finance, risk and strategy.

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Identify the duties and responsibilities of a director 

  • Outline governance and board meeting processes 

  • Outline the director's role in evaluating financial statements

  • Identify the director's role in formulating and monitoring strategy, and identifying and assessing risk 

  • Recognise the link between corporate strategy and financial performance

During each course you will undertake interactive working sessions facilitated by an experienced director, alongside a group of up-and-coming directors. The program uses relevant cases studies to help you understand the nuts and bolts of directorship.

The program consists of three one-day courses, which can be purchased individually or as a package for a discounted rate:

Day 1: Governance for Directors

  • The Role of the Director and the Board

  • Introduction to Board Meetings and Governance

Day 2: Risk and Strategy for Directors

  • Risk: Issues for Directors

  • Introduction to the Strategic Role of the Director

Day 3: Finance for Directors

  • Introduction to Financial Statements for Directors

  • Assessing Financial Performance for Directors


  • One day attendance for each course (3 days total)
  • There is also approximately 10 hours of pre-reading per course which must be completed before the program commences.

Completion of each course will award attendees 10 DPD points per course with an additional 5 DPD points awarded for successful completion of the assessment within 12 months.

Participants who successfully complete and pass all three Foundations of Directorship multiple choice assessment quizzes will attain the Foundations of Directorship Certificate.

The assessment is an opportunity for participants to consolidate their learning and to benchmark their understanding against the standard set by the AICD.

For further details about the assessment, refer to the Participant Assessment Guide which applies to your course date:

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Face-to-Face Program

Learn more about each of the face-to-face Foundations of Directorship™ courses below. Each course can be purchased individually or as a package for a discounted rate.

Governance for Directors

Develop an understanding of the key roles, functions, duties and responsibilities of boards and directors through this one-day course. 

Risk and Strategy for Directors

Build your knowledge of risk and strategy to minimise your personal liability and safeguard the long-term success of your organisation. 

Finance for Directors

Learn how to interpret financial statements, assess an organisation’s financial performance and understand financial aspects of directors' statutory duties. 


Prefer to study online?

The Foundations of Directorship™ Online program integrates all three courses and includes Learning Support, a course orientation session and an integrated assessment.

I now feel I am on my personal journey of career development supported well and truly by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Jayne Walsh MAICD
Foundations of Directorship participant

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