Company Directors Course™

Gain a greater understanding of your duties and responsibilities with the essential course for directors.



Elevate your director performance.

In a rapidly changing business environment, boards need to be flexible and responsive to meet current needs and prepare organisations to face future challenges.

To become a valuable contributor to the board, directors must have the knowledge and skills to effectively perform their role. 

The Company Directors Course has been designed to give directors a distinct career edge through a better understanding of their duties and responsibilities. It will also help in developing skills to facilitate sound decision making and imparting best governance practices.

The course is essential learning for directors seeking to establish themselves in their career as a trusted and respected board member.

Choose a format that is right for you
  • Intensive - Immerse yourself in leading governance education over our five-day format
  • Residential - Get away from the noise of the day-to-day so your learning sticks
  • Self-paced - Study governance excellence online in your own time and at your own pace
  • Five weeks - Incorporate leading governance insights and networking into your forward plan 
  • Online - A 19-week program with facilitated learning over five full-day sessions.

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We did it as a team. This was a chance for us to learn our role as directors. I know for some of the elected members it was like a lightbulb moment - the Company Directors Course really outlines what our responsibility is, but also what it isn't.

Hon Albert Jacob GAICD
Mayor, City of Joondalup

Find out more about the course

The Company Directors Course is designed for directors from a diverse range of industries and organisations and is ideal for those looking to understand director roles and responsibilities in-depth, take their boardroom performance to the next level and improve their impact in today's evolving business landscape.

If you are:

  • A new director
  • An experienced director
  • A senior executive reporting to boards

this course is right for you.

It is recommended to complete the Foundations of Directorship™ program or have equivalent professional experience before enrolling.

The Company Directors Course gives you an in-depth look at the responsibilities and expectations of directors. It explores issues and trends facing today’s boards and businesses.

On completion of the course, you will deepen your understanding of what effective governance looks like in practice.

The course will help you:

  • Gain clarity around a director’s role, their legal responsibilities and community expectations.
  • Improve your financial literacy and understanding of the strategic and financial levers that can help drive performance and sustainable value in your organisation.
  • Explore the tensions between short and long-term priorities and diverse stakeholder interests.
  • Enhance future strategic discussions with the knowledge and tools you need to improve your organisation's performance and evaluate risks effectively.
  • Identify how you can make your board more effective and streamline board processes.
  • Enhance your judgement and decision-making skills.
  • Improve your performance as a director and deepen your understanding of boardroom dynamics.
  • Put learnings into practice through activities, real-world case studies and a boardroom simulation.

The course comprises online and offline resources and face-to-face facilitation. You will be supported by our team of experienced teaching faculty and a comprehensive range of resources that will inspire learning and networking.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Course materials written and reviewed by practising directors from Australia’s most prestigious organisations.
  • Course content updated regularly to ensure it remains current, relevant and reflective of good practice.
  • Six weeks pre-reading time ahead of the first day of facilitated classroom learning.
  • Highly interactive classrooms using latest techniques in education, discussion-based group work and breakout activities.
  • An experienced teaching faculty, leading directors and fellow learners to support and encourage you.
  • Expert insights to help you make better decisions and increase your impact in the boardroom.
  • A competitive advantage for securing a directorship by completing a course which is widely recognised and respected in the director community.
  • Powerful connections to help you take on both the course assessment and the first or next step in your director career.
  • 50 DPD points for completing the course, and an additional 10 DPD points for successfully completing the assessment.

The Company Directors Course is offered in a variety of formats so you can choose the learning method that is most suited to you.

  Face to face Residential  Self-paced In-House  Online
Delivery Five days held over one week or multiple weeks Face to face residential program with accommodation included For those not available to attend face-to-face sessions to complete in their own time within a six month period Delivered to your board or organisation

 A 19-week program (including
the optional assessment period)
with facilitated learning over
five full-day sessions. This format
is available in-house and to
individual participants

 Benefit Condense your learning time commitment Immerse yourself in learning and networking away from daily distractions Study at your pace, when it suits you Improve the performance of your whole board or executive group Combine the best of online learning with interactive and engaging group sessions 

Participants who successfully complete the (optional) course assessment will qualify for the Company Director Course Award and may be eligible to use the GAICD post nominal (AICD members only).

Find out more about how you will be assessed.

The Company Director Course™ award is recognised for advanced standing (i.e. recognition of prior learning) by 23 universities and institutions.

The assessment must be completed if you are planning to use the course to gain advanced standing in an MBA program.

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