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For information relating to your Division please refer to ‘Members of division councils'

How are councillors elected?

Each division and state council holds an annual election for positions of retiring councillors between July and October. Councils send notices to members of their division by post or email, calling for nominations from its members to fill those positions.

To be eligible, a member must have been an MAICD, GAICD or FAICD for a minimum of three consecutive years prior to the election.


Who can nominate – Eligible Members?

A member of the AICD is eligible for election as a Councillor if that member:

(i) holds any AICD membership status other than Affiliate Member;

(ii) has been a member of the AICD (other than as an Affiliate Member) for at least three consecutive years prior to the date of the notice calling for nominations;

(iii) is a member of the relevant Division;

(iv) is nominated in writing for election by two members of the relevant Division and obtains the consent of the AICD Board (Board) if the member:

(a) is, or has been, employed in an executive or managerial capacity by the AICD;

(b) is, or has been, in a material business relationship (as a supplier, adviser, consultant or customer) with the AICD or is an officer of, or otherwise associated with, someone with such a relationship; or

(c) has close personal ties with any person who falls within either of the above categorieshas close personal ties with any person who falls within either of the above categories; and

(v) meets any other criteria relating the composition of the Division Council and skills and qualifications of Councillors as may be determined by the Board from time to time

(Eligible Member).  (refer Division Council Charter clause 4.4(a))

Any member of the relevant Division (other than an Affiliate Member) may nominate an Eligible Member to serve on the Division Council, with a limit of two nominations by a member per election.

Nominations must be:

  • submitted on the Nomination Form and in accordance with the AICD’s Division Council Charter.
  • accompanied by confirmation of the Board’s consent to nomination (if required).

For further information please see our Constitution and Division Council Charter which govern the AICD’s Division Council Elections.


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