What are the various board positions and what is their importance in an organisation's governance?

Understanding the intricacies of a board's positions is paramount for optimising decision-making processes. This article will shed light on the importance of board roles, how to explore board of director positions available, and resources for potential board of directors jobs.

Key Points

  • How to differentiate between various board positions.
  • The importance of board roles in a company’s governance.
  • Understanding the process of finding board director positions available.
  • Utilising resources to secure board positions available.
  • Tips on how to get a board position.



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What are the Various Board Positions and Their Roles?

Board positions encompass a range of roles, including the Chair, Deputy Chair, Executive Director, Non-Executive Director etc. Each position has its unique responsibilities with the shared aim of overseeing the governance and guidance of the company. The Chair, for example, leads the board and facilitates effective decision-making, while Executive Directors play a more hands-on role in the day-to-day company operations. The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) provides a free board skills matrix tool to assess your board's make up and composition. 

Why are Board Positions Essential for a Company’s Governance?

Board positions are fundamental to the governance of a company. A well-balanced board with diverse positions promotes a more comprehensive approach to oversight and decision-making. Every position brings a unique perspective and set of expertise, ensuring robust checks and balances within the organisation.

Where can you find information on Board of Director Positions Available?

Several avenues exist for those interested in board of directors jobs. Professional networking sites, governance institutes like the AICD, and recruitment firms regularly post board positions available. The AICD, as an example, provides a range of resources geared towards potential board candidates—this includes information on director opportunities and tips on how to be considered for a board position.

How can AICD help in securing a Board Position?

Resources such as courses, networking events, and access to industry tools provided by bodies like AICD are invaluable in one's journey to secure a board position. Further, participating in AICD’s courses and events can present networking opportunities, crucial for securing a board position.

How to Get a Board Position?

Securing a board position entails possessing relevant skills, experience and sometimes, the right networks. This could involve undertaking professional development courses, e.g., those provided by AICD, gaining a solid understanding of director's duties, and building a robust network of industry contacts. It's a journey that requires lifelong learning and a commitment to the development of governance skills.

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