What is a Board Meeting?

A board meeting typically consists of a gatherings of company leadership, typically the board of directors, for the  strategic planning, monitoring organisational progress, and making pivotal decisions that affect the organisation's direction.

Key Points:

  • Board meetings represent a critical platform for strategic planning.
  • It's through these meetings that directors monitor the company’s progress.
  • The context of a board meeting offers a vital venue for making pivotal corporate decisions.

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What is the Function of a Board Meeting?

A board meeting is a forum where board members, often directors of an organisation, come together to discuss and decide on important matters related to the company’s operation. A board meeting is a forum at which significant strategic planning occurs, honing the organisatin's direction for growth and stability.

Board meetings typically includes several key aspects:

Decision-Making: Board meetings are crucial for making strategic decisions. This includes reviewing and approving plans, policies, and other significant actions.

Review of Performance and Strategy: The board reviews the organisation's financial and operational performance. They assess strategies and provide guidance on future directions.

Compliance and Risk Management: Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and discussing risk management strategies.

Communication: It's a platform for open communication between the board members and, in some cases, senior management.

Governance: Board meetings play a vital role in corporate governance, ensuring that the organisation is being run in line with the interests of its stakeholders.

Why are Board Meetings Significant in Monitoring Company Progress?

A critical purpose of a board meeting is to ensure all directors are updated on the organisation's current standing. It's during this time that achievements, ongoing projects, financial results, and challenges are reported and reviewed. The board meeting provides a snapshot of the organisation's health and trajectory, assisting directors in their duties, formulating decisions and developing strategic interventions.

How Do Board Meetings Inform Corporate Decisions?

Major corporate decisions require collective wisdom and informed judgment. In a board meeting, directors lay out their perspectives, debate different ideas, and reach a consensus on critical matters. It’s in this setting that vital decisions concerning company policy, management appointments, financial control, and even responses to crises are made. These meeting steward an organisation through the complexities of business.

How Can AICD's Advocacy Help in Optimising Board Meetings?

The AICD is instrumental in honing the capabilities of leaders to benefit society. The AICD's various courses and programs are designed to develop expertise in business leadership, aiding directors to optimally conduct and participate in board meetings. Tools and resources from AICD provide relevant information to assist in driving director performance. The AICD's advisory service, BOARD ADVANCE, assists boards to unlock better performance with a structured and strategic improvement program.


Board meetings are more than a routine corporate practice. Effective board meetings become the lifeblood of strategic, informed, and insightful leadership. 

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