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Tuesday, 27 February 2018


    Around the country and abroad the AICD is delivering courses and events to keep you plugged into the world of governance excellence. Expand your network and your thinking at these thought leadership occasions.

    Leaders' Edge Lunch with Ken Dean FAICD (Queensland)

    Directors have an explicit obligation to act ‘in the best interests’ of the corporation. Effective working relationships between board members and executives are critical to understanding what is really in the best interests of the organisation, and in driving its successful performance.

    Diversity in the backgrounds and styles of Directors and executives provide both powerful tools and challenging hurdles to achieving that goal.

    Drawing on his extensive experience on both sides of the table and across the not-for-profit, public and private sectors, Ken Dean FAICD, Chair of Mission Australia will share his insights on the role of trust and transparency in creating a successful dynamic between directors and executives.


    Understanding risk - Lessons for directors (Northern Territory)

    A competent understanding of risk and its impacts on strategy is a fundamental responsibility of a director.

    Boards must ensure there is appropriate oversight of the various kinds of organisational risks. Finding a balance of reducing undue risk and determining appropriate risk levels are key to an organisation’s performance potential and its ability to achieve its purpose.

    Learn to identify, mitigate and respond to risk at this Director Download event. Professor Allan Manning, Managing Director and Insurance and Risk Management Specialist from LMI Group, will examine areas of organisations’ operations that are increasingly exposed to risk, such as cyber and social media. He will also discuss frameworks you can use on your board to pinpoint, measure, leverage and plan for risk in your organisation.


    Is safe harbour a safe bet?

    The introduction of Australia’s new safe harbour provisions provides an opportunity for restructuring distressed companies.

    It is a major change in the directors’ risk landscape and a positive development for restructuring in Australia. Directors can now explore turnaround options that achieve a better outcome for the company, while being protected from liability for insolvent trading.

    Join Andrew Birch GAICD, Executive Director, Vantage Performance as he discusses the practical aspects for directors in conducting a restructure of a distressed company. Andrew will also share his experiences and learnings on recent success stories and failings.


    Leaders' Edge Lunch with Elizabeth Proust AO FAICD (Tasmania)

    Designed to build the capabilities of directors and executives, connect with colleagues and peers over a meal as Elizabeth Proust shares her knowledge and insights.

    Does your organisation have the ability to withstand political uncertainty, policy changes, disruption and a volatile economy? The need to future-proof your organisation has never been more important: in the modern world, the potential for organisational disruption increases every day. We invite you to attend our Directors’ Lunch event in Launceston with Elizabeth Proust AO FAICD, Chairman of Australian Institute of Company Directors, Nestlé Australia and Bank of Melbourne. Drawing upon her distinguished career of over 30 years, Elizabeth will discuss the key challenges facing Australian directors, sharing insights on what the top priorities are for all boards now and in the future.


    Gen X, Y and Z (Australian Capital Territory)

    This exclusive, complimentary member only event is targeted specifically for the ‘youthful under 45’ members of the ACT Division.

    We invite you to drop by and join us for an informal meet and greet! As current and future entrepreneurs, directors and business leaders, we value your thoughts and feedback on a range of topics. This may include diversity, climate change, crisis management, cyber security, pathways to directorship, mentoring and any other areas of interest or concern.

    This event will also provide attendees with the opportunity to raise your suggestions and share thoughts and ideas surrounding your professional development and what the AICD could be doing to support our younger members on their formative director journey.

    This is also a great way to get to meet like-minded peers and get to know the ACT Division Team, in particular our new State Manager Suzanne; ask questions regarding your membership and ensure that you are making the most of the benefits.


    Director Nexus Information Evening (South Australia)

    Director Nexus is a dynamic, personalised experience with a strong focus on enhancing performance through group learning.

    We all face delicate and multifaceted issues in the boardroom. Advice from an experienced and impartial third party can be invaluable. Our Director Nexus program provides directors a forum to share experiences in a confidential environment and to develop under an experienced chair.

    Chaired by a highly experienced director and Fellow of the SA/NT Division, Dr Nick Begakis AO FAICD, the Director Nexus program is structured over a 12-month period and links you with supportive and like-minded peers.

    Five benefits of joining Director Nexus:

    • Trusted mentors
    • Real-world guidance
    • Reassurance
    • Fresh perspectives
    • Build relationships


    How to Establish a Highly-Effective Management Team (Victoria)

    They say ‘an organisation is only as strong as its people’ which is why getting the right mix of people on the management team is imperative to business success.

    In any organisation it is important for the leaders of that organisation to establish trust - not only with the teams they lead, but also with other leaders in the organisation. This trust goes hand in hand with building relationships with those around you in the workplace. To achieve success senior managers should take the time and get to know the people they work with. The information obtained from workplace relationships will prove invaluable in managing and motivating teams. Encouraging collaboration between colleagues will lead to a positive and effective working environment. This environment can then be maintained with a range of ground rules set for respective teams, equipping them with a methodology to be able to work together whilst maintaining a strong and respectful working environment.


    Board Oversight of Talent Strategies (New South Wales)

    Directors are spending more time with HR executives, to understand how their organisation is adapting to changing labour force trends. Living in a digital age, the board’s job is to ensure the executive team is abreast of current and future trends and what they mean for an organisation.

    Boards have to plan for orderly succession and renewal and should understand that disruption occurs when companies change their CEOs through rapid succession which can take a long time to repair.

    Questions that Boards need to ask themselves:

    • What is the talent strategy that supports our business?
    • Which trends are affecting our organisation’s talent and how is this affecting our strategy?
    • How are we developing our talent to produce strong candidates for succession to executive positions?
    • How do we use corporate governance principles and practices to address successions?


    International Company Directors Course (Singapore)

    Working across countries, cultures and regulatory frameworks is exhilarating but challenging. Now there is a program that can help you clarify and come to grips with issues that affect you in the global context.

    The International Company Directors Course provides an in-depth examination into the role and responsibilities of a director acting in an international context. The flagship five-day program will allow you to:

    • Focus on the board’s role in strategy, finance and governance in the international arena
    • Examine the duties and responsibilities of directors across major international regulatory frameworks
    • Network with senior counterparts from different countries
    • Learn how to apply frameworks for international board operations
    • Learn from experienced international facilitators, who will draw on global case studies and real-life examples


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