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Every good leader has their own personal style of leadership that influences how they lead.

Depending on how they exercise their authority, leaders have the power to either undermine an organisation or to use their power wisely to inspire its people and nurture a sense of commitment and collaboration towards achieving common goals. 

However, while the leadership of an organisation generally rests with its senior management and directors, reaching one of these positions doesn’t necessarily equip someone with the qualities they need to be a successful in a leadership position.

Considering the influence of leaders, it is clear that the skills and capabilities of an organisation’s leaders are critical to the effectiveness of its governance and overall success.

Key qualities of effective boardroom leaders

Below are some of the key qualities of good leaders, both inside and outside the boardroom.

Trust and respect: Trust is the foundation of strong leadership. Effective leaders build trust and earn legitimacy by consistently turning up, communicating openly, taking action when required and being authentic and accountable.

Flexibility: Knowing your leadership style is part of being a good leader but developing skills and capabilities so you have the ability to stretch into other styles as required can drastically enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

Skilled in setting the tone: Effective leaders understand that what they say and how they act is what leads to effective outcomes. 

Ability to disrupt themselves: In order to tap into the opportunities and threats impacting their organisation, good leaders must recognise their strengths and weaknesses and know when to seek further knowledge or expertise.

Influencer: Successful leaders have the ability to empower, motivate and inspire the people they lead to achieve meaningful outcomes. 

Diversity: Contemporary leaders bring their differences to the table to introduce new perspectives and distinct ways of thinking to the people and organisations they lead.

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