Australian Governance Summit 2020 Videos

Monday, 16 March 2020


    Watch the latest videos from keynote speakers, experts and thought leaders at the AICD’s annual Summit.

    ASG 2020 Official open and welcome John Atkin Angus Amour20:57

    A new line of sight - the need to do things differently, earn trust and respond to increasing regulatory requirements – Delegates are welcomed by AICD CEO and Managing Director, Angus Armour FAICD, and AICD Chair, John Atkin FAICD

    ASG 2020 Welcome to country09:12

    A warm and impactful Welcome to Country from Aunty Ann Weldon, as we stand on Tumbalong, the land of the Gadigal clan of the Eora Nation.

    ASG 2020 Boards of 2030 Dr Megan Clark AC1:20:13

    How will boards cope with enormous changes in data and a super powerful new generation of communications from different space technology? - Dr Megan Clark AC FAICD, Head of the Australian Space Agency and director on the boards of CSL and Rio Tinto, is joined by Sharon Warburton FAICD, Ben Heap GAICD and Graeme Liebelt FACID on our panel moderated by Jennifer Hewitt.

    ASG 2020 Day 1 The shifting Landscape28:58

    Geo-political uncertainty and market volatility are adding additional intensity to boardroom discussions. Michael Froman, former adviser to US President Barak Obama, executive at Mastercard and board member of Walt Disney company talks about the shifting landscape.

    ASG 2020 Day 1 Future ready economies43:46

    Countries around the world are positioning themselves as global innovation hotspots and future-proofing their economies in the process. Expert panel with Ray Fleming, Eitan Bienstock, Brigid O'Brien, Alex Scandurra and facilitated by Maria MacNamara.

    ASG 2020 Day 1 Digital transformation in the NFP sector- Good2Give case study44:55

    A digital transformation completed by charity platform Good2Give has been a huge success. A discussion with Lisa Grinham, CEO and Michael Graf MAICD, Executive Director.

    ASG 2020 Day 1 Digital transformation43:02

    “The first thing we did as a board was to agree what was at stake if we failed.” Chair of Sydney Water Bruce Walker FAICD discusses the digital transformation with Greg Couttas MAICD and George Hunt with moderator Abby Bloom.

    ASG 2020 Day 1 Stem in the boardroom45:20

    Directors with a knowledge of STEM do a better job of understanding and drawing on evidence to make dispassionate decisions. An expert panel with Jackie McArthur MAICD, Dr Katherine Woodthorpe AO FAICD and Prof Matthew Vadas AO, moderated by Kate Harper.

    ASG 2020 Day 1 Workforce of the future45:46

    The Workforce of the Future panel heard that the terminology itself can be a barrier to organisations transitioning rapidly enough. Panel discussion with Michael Priddis, Rhonda Brighton Hall and moderated by Melinda Cilentro.

    ASG 2020 Day 1 Diversity46:12

    Panel discussion on the benefits of diversity for enhanced performance with Nicola Wakefield Evans FAICD, Ming Long GAICD, James Fazzino, Peter Varghese AO, moderated by Stan Grant.

    ASG 2020 Day 1 Boardroom hypothetical1:11:40

    An entertaining and thought-provoking end to a great first day at #AGS2020 - our hypothetical boardroom discussion with Lou Panaccio MAICD, Tim Trumper MAICD, Sally-Ann Williams GAICD, Rebecca Davies AO FAICD. Commentator Prof Bob Wood, moderator Stan Grant.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 The latest insights from Eldeman on trust24:03

    Trust - Michelle Hutton takes us through the latest insights from Edelman.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 Lifting the bar- Learning from the Royal Commission32:46

    Greater compliance and legislation as a result of these government inquiries. Expert panel with Andrew Condon GAICD , George Savvides FAICD, Shannon Finch MAICD , moderator Louise Petschler.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 The economic impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus)18:47

    AICD’s Chief Economist Mark Thirlwell speaks to Andrew Charlton on the considerations for boards in times of economic downturn.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 An update on regulatory environment23:55

    The shift in the definition of the purpose of the corporation (by US Business Roundtable), away from just shareholders to all stakeholders shows that the narrative around purpose is changing. Professor Pamela Hanrahan, Deputy head, School of Taxation and Business Law, UNSW Business School explains.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 Not-for-profit governance in the spotlight46:08

    A whole new level of risk management - expert panel with Fiona Payne GAICD,  Paul Masi MAICD,and Jon Bisset GAICD, moderated by David McKenna

    ASG 2020 Day 2 Shifting culture in growing business46:56

    Setting a good corporate culture is not expensive and it makes good business sense. Expert panel with Keren Paterson MAICD ,Natalie Walker MAICD, Christopher Murphy GAICD, moderated by Judi MacCormick.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 Shifting culture in an established organisation43:34

    The culture of the board itself plays a vital role in supporting successful cultural transformation. Expert panel with Kathleen Conlon FAICD , Melinda Conrad FAICD, Kerstin Oberprieler, moderated by Kyle Loades FAICD.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 Getting remuneration right - is it possible43:53

    The culture of the board itself plays a vital role in supporting successful cultural transformation. Expert panel with Kathleen Conlon FAICD , Melinda Conrad FAICD, Kerstin Oberprieler, moderated by Kyle Loades FAICD.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 Future trends - Shifts we are seeing globally50:07

    Artificial intelligence (AI), climate change, improving how we listen to diverse ideas and 5G - our expert panel with Deborah Yates KPMG, Michael Priddis, Kay Firth-Butterfield, Stefan Hajkowicz, moderated by Leonie Valentine GAICD.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 How can we stay close to our customers45:47

    New technologies and streamlined processes are improving the customer experience but removing many direct customer interactions. Amanda Hicks (KPMG), Akiko Jackson GAICD, Louise McElvogue , moderator David Shortland.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 Sports governance in the spotlight41:45

    Board composition, working with volunteers, the pros and cons of federated structures, budgets and improving culture and diversity. A panel discussion with Marina Go MAICD , Gabrielle Trainor AO, FAICD, Brad Lancken, moderated by Matt Pritchard.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 Tackling social purpose - What is your board doing43:45

    A properly clarified purpose is a powerful lens for strategy development. Expert panel with Richard Boele, Jess Bulger, Geoffrey Brunsdon FAICD, moderated by Naseema Sparks.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 Dealing with climate risk - understanding the communities expectations47:06

    Climate change is at a tipping point and directors can no longer claim they weren’t aware of how it will affect their organisation. Expert panel with Nerilie Abram, The Hon Ian Macfarlane FAICD, Sue O’Connor, Stephen Dunn FAICD, moderator Christian Gergis.

    ASG 2020 Day 2 Keynote Richard Goyder30:48

    Risk: calculated risk is what drives growth, innovation and reward. But risk is at risk of becoming a dirty word and being stifled by regulation. Keynote presentation from Richard Goyder AO FAICD.

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