Recap: Top 10 AICD webinars for 2023

Tuesday, 12 December 2023


    Our top webinars of the year made compelling listening for our 51,000 members of the AICD. Catch up on recordings over the holiday break if you missed any live webinars that were broadcast this year. We bring you the most popular webinars on our most sought-after topics.

    Mandatory climate reporting standards - What directors need to know   

    Mandatory climate reporting, which represents the biggest shift in Australian corporate reporting in a generation, is likely to take effect from July 2024. Join the AICD and senior government officials to find out what this key policy change means for directors and their organisations.

    Positive duty to prevent workplace sexual harassment - Guidance for directors

    A new positive duty for employers to eliminate workplace sexual harassment and other harmful conduct started in December 2023. Are your current governance frameworks and policies fit for purpose? Here we outline practical guidance to meet your obligations.

    Directors' duty to monitor - what does the (evolving) law require?

    Directors have an ongoing legal responsibility to understand the company’s non-financial risks and the measures taken to manage them. This webinar takes you through the evolving ‘duty to monitor’ and its implications for board practice in commercial and not-for-profit companies.

    NFP Governance for greater impact: How can boards measure outcomes?

    How can organisations move from client stories to evidence-based impact reporting based on measured data and what is the role of the board in leading this change?

    Essential Director Update 2023 Recording

    Themes from the 2023 Essential Director Update ranged from what’s in store for the future, to generative AI, data, human and social capital, greenwashing, climate reporting and stakeholders in the business community. This recording contains 60-minute keynote presentations followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

    Australia's Gender Pay Gap Reforms - What boards need to know

    New laws aimed at accelerating progress to reduce the gender pay gap have been introduced. Join Mary Wooldridge, Chief Executive of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and a director panel to find out what boards need to know.

    Boardroom Behaviours - Chairing series

    In this series of three webinars, which are the latest additions to the Boardroom Behaviours webinar series, we provide critical insights for chairs and directors seeking to improve the output of their board meetings. Learn to build your influence as a chair, influence other chairs and improve group dynamics.

    Australia's Cyber Threat Environment - Insights from the Australian Signals Directorate

    Hear from the leaders of the nation’s largest intelligence agency on cyber threats that are impacting all Australian businesses and individuals and how directors can assist their organisations to stay one step ahead of these threats.

    AI Governance for Directors series

    In this four-topic webinar series, experts take a deep dive into the world of AI and the factors that directors should consider when implementing artificial intelligence into their organisations.

    Greenwashing - An emerging key risk for boards

    Heightened demands on corporate sustainability combined with elevated scrutiny from external parties make navigating risks associated with ‘green’ claims more demanding. This webinar will discuss practical steps for how companies and boards can reduce legal and reputational exposures.

    Browse our AICD webinars page here to search for other past recordings and also live sessions scheduled in 2023.

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