The approval of financial statements is a core director responsibility; however, accurately interpreting your organisation’s financial statements can be challenging, leaving many directors open to the risk of personal liability.

    The courses, publications and complimentary resources listed below have been designed to assist directors with varying levels of financial literacy to feel more confident when reviewing their organisation’s financial statements.

    Webinars and e-learning

    Interpreting Financial Statements - This e-learning course provides an overview of the director’s role in assessing and maintaining the financial integrity of the organisation.

    Signing off Company Financial Accounts - This one-hour webinar considers what you need to be aware of as a director in carrying out your responsibilities in relation to end of year financial reporting.


    Financial Statements Demystified - The ideal guide for directors, investors, lenders and corporate advisers who have not yet mastered the mysteries of financial statements.

    Complimentary tools, resources and articles

    • Essential guide to the questions all directors should ask before approving financial statements.
    • What to consider before approving financial statements

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