Interpreting Financial Statements

Simulate the role of director in assessing and maintaining the financial integrity of an organisation.



Increase your financial literacy.

Interpreting Financial Statements is a self-paced interactive online course that allows you to simulate the role of director in assessing and maintaining the financial integrity of an organisation.

The course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to accurately interpret the three main financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement), increasing your confidence to make informed and prudent financial decisions that will increase the value you add to your board and organisation.

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This is suitable for those from financial and non-financial backgrounds by allowing you to self-select the level of learning you need. You will then automatically advance to the appropriate starting point based on your development needs.

It is suitable to use as both an introduction to financial statements or as a convenient refresher. We also recommend it be used as preparation for the finance modules in the Company Directors Course or as a supplement to the Company Directors Course Update.

Upon completion of Interpreting Financial Statements, you will be able to:

  • Identify three main types of financial statements and their relationship to each other
  • Identify the right questions to ask when assessing the organisation’s financial performance
  • More easily assess financial trends and ratios
  • Readily identify early warning signs of insolvency
  • Establish practical frameworks to ensure the board receives the right financial information from management 

You will work through the following sections at your own pace:

  • Introduction to Financial Statements
  • Scenario 1: Building Financial Statements
  • Scenario 2: Analysing Financial Statements
  • Scenario 3: Assessing Company Performance
  • Scenario 4: Directors' Duties
  • Knowledge check

Our e-learning courses are self-paced, meaning you determine when you commence the course and how long it takes to complete. Scenario driven, it allows you to solve problems with the help of real-world resources and tools.

While the course can be completed within 2 hours, you have ongoing access to the course for up to 4 week from the date of purchase.

There is no formal assessment for this course, although there are multiple knowledge check opportunities as you progress through the course. 


All Company Directors Course and Company Directors Course Update participants receive complimentary access to Interpreting Financial Statements.

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