Effective Onboarding - Empowering new directors

How can you bring your newest director up to speed and add value fast? This webinar will explore contemporary approaches to the seamless onboarding of new directors to promote more immediate effectiveness. 

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Recording available from: Wednesday, 25 October 2023
Expiry Date - Monday, 14 October 2024
Duration - 60

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Today’s boards are seeking greater diversity amongst their ranks and recent data shows a big increase in turnover of board positions. How can you ensure your newest director gains an understanding of how the complex elements of governing your organisation actually fit together? It is imperative that the onboarding process helps a new director fit the pieces of that puzzle together as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

Many companies mistake director orientation for onboarding and our host and panel will explore how the newest board member can benefit tremendously from a thorough onboarding process and will cover:

  • The difference between comprehensive onboarding for building a strong foundation – as opposed to a welcoming induction
  • What reciprocal responsibilities should be placed on the new director and board
  • How to tailor the needed approaches to onboarding directors from more diverse backgrounds
  • Why specific onboarding onto board sub-committees is increasingly important
  • Why fostering the earlier cultivation of positive and collaborative relationships can enhance the collective board dynamic and effective decision-making

By the end of this session, you will have a practical and contemporary reference to benchmark and improve new director onboarding processes which will enable more immediate and meaningful contributors to the work of the board.

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