Chair's Mentoring Program

Connecting experienced female leaders with ASX 200 chairs and directors in a year-long mentoring program


AICD’s flagship board diversity initiative. 

The seventh Chair’s Mentoring Program, the AICD’s flagship board diversity initiative, is now underway for 2022. 

The program matches ASX 200 chairs and directors with high-performing, board-ready women to support them in building their non-executive board careers. 

Find out more about this year’s program. 

The AICD Chair’s Mentoring Program matches ASX 200 chairs and directors with high-performing, board-ready women to support them in building their non-executive board careers.

Since its launch in 2010, 343 mentees have participated in the program, many of whom now sit on Australia’s most prominent boards. Mentees have been supported by more than 150 senior ASX 200 chairs and directors who have volunteered their time as mentors.

This year, another 46 women have been selected from more than 560 high-quality applications received from across the country. Mentees and Mentors participating in 2022 are listed below. 

Angus Armour, AICD Managing Director and CEO said “I am delighted to welcome the next cohort of leaders to the Program and note the diverse range of skills, backgrounds and expertise that the group represents. We hope the Chair’s Mentoring Program will support each Mentee to develop their director career. 

“I would also like to thank this year’s Mentors for the generous gift of their time, and their commitment to championing board diversity within the director community.”

The AICD is committed to ensuring the program remains future-fit and contributes to an even playing field for future cohorts of accomplished women. The Program is one of a number of AICD initiatives aimed at improving board performance and governance through diversity.

The 2022 Chair's Mentoring Program is sponsored by Major Partner Allens, and leadership

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The Chair’s Mentoring Program is made possible by the generous support of our Mentors.

More than 150 prominent ASX chairs and directors have participated as Mentors in the Program since its launch in 2010. Several Mentees have returned as Mentors for the Program, and a number of Mentors have contributed their time and expertise over multiple years. 

The AICD thanks the below Mentors for their participation and support in 2022: 

  • Yasmin Allen
  • John Atkin FAICD
  • Ilana Atlas AO MAICD
  • Kathleen Bailey-Lord FAICD
  • Penny Bingham-Hall FAICD
  • Anne Brennan FAICD
  • Catherine Brenner FAICD
  • Neil Chatfield FAICD
  • Rob Cole
  • Michael Coleman FAICD
  • Guy Cowan MAICD
  • Ewan Crouch AM FAICD
  • Alison Deans GAICD
  • Sylvia Falzon FAICD
  • David Flanagan AM FAICD
  • Nancy Fox AM FAICD
  • David Gonski AC FAICD
  • Peeyush Gupta AM FAICD
  • Jane Halton AO PSM FAICD
  • Margaret Haseltine FAICD
  • Michael Hawker AM FAICD
  • Peter Hay FAICD
  • Jim Hazel FAICD
  • Jacqueline Hey GAICD
  • Rick Holliday Smith AM FAICD
  • Christine Holman GAICD
  • Holly Kramer MAICD
  • Derek la Ferla FAICD
  • Graeme Liebelt FAICD
  • Robin Low GAICD
  • Kevin McCann AM FAICD
  • Rebecca McGrath FAICD
  • Carolyn Mitchell FAICD
  • John Mullen
  • Grant Murdoch FAICD
  • Dr Sally Pitkin AO FAICD
  • Elana Rubin AM FAICD
  • Steve Sargent FAICD
  • Michael Smith FAICD
  • David Thodey AO FAICD
  • Gene Tilbrook FAICD
  • Michael Ulmer AO FAICD
  • Cathy Walter AM FAICD
  • Peter Warne FAICD
  • Duncan West GAICD
  • Mike Wilkins AO FAICD

Between 2009 and 2019, the rate of women joining ASX 200 boards grew at an almost linear trajectory of two per cent per annum. The story of what drove this corporate-led change in Australia’s leading companies is the focus of research by the University of Queensland Business School, Towards Parity: Lessons from the Past – Directions for the Future

The report notes the key role of the AICD Chair’s Mentoring Program in increasing the visibility and readiness of women to undertake board roles, also noting it is the first of its kind globally and the catalyst for similar programs in many countries. 


Diversity to support future challenges

In the AICD’s first Gender Diversity Progress Report for 2022 there is continued progress toward board gender parity being made by companies in the ASX 200 and 300, with the overall appointment rate of female directors remaining close to parity across the ASX.

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