The Director Mindset

Examine the different perspectives and decision-making processes of directors.



Think like a director.

Executives who become directors must see things differently, so they can think differently and behave differently. This course will assist in the development of new leadership expertise, setting the right culture and tone from the top and working through others requiring an adjustment from an action orientation to one of influencing, guiding and mentoring.

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Senior executives and newly appointed directors.

Please note this online course is provided complimentary with the following face-to-face courses to assist participants in thinking like a director before attendance:

  • Company Directors Course
  • Company Directors Course Specialisation – Preparing for Sale
  • Company Directors Course Specialisation – Mergers and Acquisitions
  • International Company Directors Course
  • Working with Boards

Upon completion of The Director Mindset, participants should be able to:

  • Consider the differences in thinking like an executive to thinking like a director
  • Consider the transition needed for collective / consensus decision making in a board environment
  • Develop skills in applying collective decision making
  • Examine the issues that may give rise to conflicts of interest for directors and the ways they may be handled
  • Identify key practices for a director to add value to board decision making

You will work through the following sections:

  • Self-knowledge and it’s link to prospective board positions and your ‘brand’ as a director
  • Director vs executive thinking
  • The importance of changing mindsets
  • Director and board decision making
  • Managing conflicts of interest

This course is delivered in a self-paced e-learning format.

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