Company Directors Course™ Online

Gain the insights, education and prestige of completing the AICD’s renowned Company Directors Course™ while enjoying the flexibility and comfort of studying online.



Great leadership requires a great education – but leaving home is optional.

To become a valuable contributor to the board, directors must have the knowledge and skills to effectively perform their role.

The Company Directors Course™ Online has been designed to give you the skills you need to become a world-class director from the comfort of your own home. This flexible, online course will empower you to facilitate sound decision-making in the boardroom, while helping you to implement best governance practices.

Place yourself among the 65,000+ other esteemed directors that have completed the AICD’s gold-standard Company Directors Course™.


The Company Directors Course™ Online is essential learning for directors seeking to elevate their career and establish themselves as a luminary board member. 

If you are: 

  • A new director 
  • An experienced director 
  • A business owner 
  • A senior executive reporting to boards 

This course is right for you. 

Directorship requires balancing short-term volatility with long-term value. It is also important to identify strategic opportunities and promote an innovative culture for sustainable growth. 

As an exemplary leader, you add value by sharing your knowledge and consideration of how emerging issues impact the success of the organisations you are governing. The Company Directors Course™ Online will provide you with that knowledge. 

Please note: It is recommended to complete the Foundations of Directorship™ course or have equivalent professional experience before enrolling to ensure equal participation in group discussions throughout the course.

At the end of the Company Directors Course™ Online, you will be able to:

  • Outline duties and practices of directorship and the board functions responsibilities
  • Analyse the responsibilities and functions of directors and officers considering the key questions directors should ask about their legal environmental and its impact on board decision – making
  • Examine the board’s role in developing a culture that is appropriate for the risk appetite/tolerance of the organisation and board’s role in developing and executing strategy 
  • Develop financial literacy and examine the board’s role in driving organisational performance
  • Examine effective decision making, board dynamics, the impact of other individual and collective performance and how a constructive board culture can create value for an organisation

The Company Directors Course™ Online offers you the flexibility to study from a location that suits you while being supported by a team of experienced faculty members and a dedicated Learning Support Executive. 

Combining virtual classroom sessions, online learning activities and individual study, the blended delivery method offers a flexible and highly engaging learning environment and the opportunity to connect with your online peers. 

The Company Directors Course™ Online contains:  

  • Course materials written and reviewed by practising directors. 
  • Course content updated regularly to ensure it remains current, relevant, and reflective of good practice. 
  • A Course Introduction virtual session in Week 1 to meet your faculty and peers. The structure and expectations of the course will also be established in this session. 
  • Two weeks pre-reading time ahead of the first day of virtual classrooms and one week duration between each day of virtual classrooms for pre-reading. 
  • Highly interactive virtual classrooms using latest technology, interactive features, discussion-based group work and breakout activities. 
  • A teaching faculty of experienced directors, leading directors, and fellow learners with diverse backgrounds to support and encourage you. 
  • Expert insights to help you make better decisions and increase your impact in the boardroom. 
  • A Learning Support Executive who will have a one-on-one conversation with you in the first few weeks of the course and keep in contact throughout the assessment period to offer support and encouragement to meet your goals. 
  • Recordings of online sessions for each of the themes. 
  • Opportunity to build networks with your peers using discussions and class lists. 
  • Optional assessment, successful completion of which results in the achievement of the Company Directors Award and eligibility for the GAICD title. 
  • Assessment Hub featuring support resources such as videos and practice quizzes.

Participants who successfully complete the (optional) course assessment will qualify for the Company Director Course™ Award and may be eligible to use the GAICD post nominal (AICD members only). 

The assessment tasks associated with the Company Directors Course™ Online provide an opportunity for participants to consolidate their learning and to benchmark their understanding against the standard set by the AICD. 

There are three assessment tasks, the assignment, exam, and quiz to achieve the Company Directors Course™ Award. These assessments are undertaken and submitted online. 

For further details about the assessment, refer to the Participant Assessment Guide

The Company Director Course™ award is recognised for advanced standing (i.e. recognition of prior learning) by 23 universities and institutions

The assessment must be completed if you are planning to use the course to gain advanced standing in an MBA program.

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