Despite so much evidence about the value of digital and social media, many top executives and directors are still missing in action, says CEO of The Social Executive, author and social media strategist Dionne Kasian-Lew.

    She says research shows that while 30 per cent of executives had signed up for social media platforms like LinkedIn, many were not actively utilising them.

    “This is akin to going to a business networking lunch and standing in the corner,” she says.

    “Australia’s business leaders already have the strategic business and relationship skills they need to master social media. They just need to bring those online.”

    Kasian-Lew provides the following tips to help business leaders get the most out of social media:


    •  Focus on creating a compelling LinkedIn profile that highlights your skills and sets you apart. Ensure searchable terms like “board director” are in your bio.
    •  Use the LinkedIn publishing platform to publish original content to a highly relevant audience. This is where leaders “hang out”.
    • If you do not have the time to write original content, you can also show thought leadership through the content that you curate and share. Also comment on others’ content to become known as someone with something to say.
    • Join a thought leadership or non-executive director (NED) group on LinkedIn as this allows you to reach out to strangers with whom you have ideas in common and extend your real-life networks.


    • In the search function of Twitter enter #corpgov to see the content that other NEDs around the world are sharing.
    • Connect and share relevant content with NEDs around the world by adding the #corpgov hashtag
    • Create a list of influential people within Twitter by using the advanced search function and then use this list to read content, share thoughts and build relationships you can bring into real life.


    • The social network for slides allows you to share rich content like videos, photos, research and your own narrative with people around the world at any time of the day or night.
    • It goes beyond 140 characters, but takes the LinkedIn publishing platform further because of the format. You can also embed SlideShare on the front page of your LinkedIn profile.

    Google Plus

    •  Look at how communities like Plus Your Business on Google+ bring communities together online. This creates breadth of connections globally while Google Local helps you find people in your local area.
    • Claim your Google Authorship through Google+, which identifies your content and makes it visible in search.  

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