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Tuesday, 19 September 2023


    Social media is a powerful tool. If used appropriately, social media can provide career opportunities, public recognition, connections, and a forum to discuss ideas with peers and wider networks in a seamless, organic way.

    For those looking to assert their director brand online, the opportunities are seemingly endless. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging and YouTube all offer different ways of engaging with different audiences and with vastly different effects.

    While not everyone has the time to personally manage a long list of social media accounts with the level of commitment required to maintain a successful brand, we suggest picking one or two platforms that you are most comfortable using. Consider what you wish to gain from your online connections, and what it is you wish to contribute to these communities, to help find the right fit for you.

    3 common mistakes aspiring directors make on social media

    Jamie Wilkinson GAICD, Director of Design and Digital at Cannings Purple, and a founding member of Western Australia’s Social Media Society, shares the most common social media mistakes.

    1. Scepticism, dismissiveness and fear of social media

    In today’s world, social media is almost a non-negotiable. Business leaders who refuse to engage on social media demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of its importance and the potential it has to be a serious risk to any business.

    2. Jumping in too quickly

    I see many aspiring directors join social media channels without any thought as to how it might work as an extension of their personal or professional brand. Finding the platform that works for you and meets your needs is critical, as is devoting time to producing original content.

    3. Outsourcing management of your accounts

    Some larger companies use the internal communications team to manage the content of directors’ social media accounts. I don’t think this gives the best results. Authenticity, transparency and higher engagement come from directors who take the time to use the platforms themselves.

    5 questions directors ask about LinkedIn

    LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site, has evolved to become so much more than an online resume. It has expanded its role from jobs and recruitment to being a news aggregator, a distributor, a publisher of professional content, a personal branding platform, a social network and a community of professionals.

    In a recent interview, professional LinkedIn trainer and coach, and resume writer, Karen Tisdell, shared her answers to the top five questions directors ask about LinkedIn.

    1. What makes a great LinkedIn profile?

    A professional profile photo, an engaging LinkedIn summary and a combination of original and shared content will make your profile stand out.

    2. What is the most common mistake people make on LinkedIn?

    The most common mistake is that people do not feature their contact details on their profile. There is no point in building a great network if no one can reach out to you with advice or an opportunity.

    3. A colleague of mine has requested I write a recommendation. Should I do it? Why?

    Yes. Think of LinkedIn as a reward and recognition system. By endorsing someone’s skills or recommending them, others who browse their profile will see you, your position, and your expertise.

    4. Won’t I look crass if I ‘sell’ myself and my achievements online?

    The best way to promote your achievements and expertise is through posting ideas-based content. Sharing knowledge is an opportunity to enhance what you’re known for.

    5. How can I engage in LinkedIn groups?

    Contribute to appropriate existing conversations. Be sure to be selective and where and what you contribute. Create your own group to enhance your visibility as a leader and subject matter expert. Only join groups that look credible to you, that match your expertise and where you (and your brand) can add value to yourself and the group.

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