Taking the next step in your director career

Tuesday, 19 September 2023


    Aspiring directors looking for a seat at the board table – whether it be part-time alongside their careers in management, or those looking to make the transition to full-time director – face stiff competition from other like-minded, ambitious individuals.

    Not only is becoming a non-executive director an increasingly common ambition, it is also a role that is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. More is being asked of today’s directors than ever before.

    Corporate governance is no longer considered merely an administrative ‘box-ticking’ and compliance-focused exercise.

    Today, in addition to the regulatory demands placed on organisations, boards are expected to bring leadership qualities which enable and empower business performance. Boards are expected to govern beyond compliance and to govern for performance.

    Developing your director brand

    While there is no single model of a successful director – each director brings a unique combination of skills and experience to every board scenario – a common characteristic of successful and experienced directors is a strong individual director brand.

    Your individual director brand is the whole package: it is made up of your skill set, your experience, your strategic networks, the quality of your training and credentials, your interests and passions, and your values. Developing a strong director brand involves taking an holistic approach with your professional development and is key to landing a director position.

    How we can help

    Many aspiring directors have turned to the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) for help in taking this next step. Our membership base of 43,000 directors and business leaders represents a cross-section of industries and sectors throughout Australia and internationally. We work to improve your governance effectiveness and that of your organisation to open new doors via a range of exclusive services, and help you better understand your director duties and responsibilities.

    Ask us today about how we can help you take the next step in your director career.

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