Supplier Code of Conduct

Set out below are the details of our Supplier Code of Conduct 


    The purpose of the AICD is to advance education in organisation governance, including by promoting excellence in governance practice through professional leadership and research, educational courses and programs and professional peer led learning, for the public benefit. This Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) clarifies our expectations of suppliers.

    The AICD pursues its purpose by having regard to:

    • Ethics and integrity in governance practices
    • The concept and principles of corporate structure and governance accountability
    • The respective diverse but important economic and social contributions to society of commercial, mutual, for purpose and public sector organisations; and
    • Continuance of its registration as a charity.

    The AICD operates by having regard to:

    • Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations
    • Treating our staff, members, guests and suppliers fairly
    • Communicating with candour
    • Respecting privacy and confidentiality
    • Understanding the needs of our members, the community and our suppliers and partners.

    The AICD strives to demonstrate the highest standards of business ethics and is committed to managing our supplier relationships in an ethical, transparent and responsible manner.

    We care about how our suppliers manage their operations and expect that the people and communities along our supply chain are not adversely impacted by our suppliers’ actions and decisions.

    We will review this Code periodically to ensure it continues to reflect stakeholder expectations and legislative requirements.

    This Code cannot set out every situation our suppliers may encounter and there will be times when our suppliers need to be the judge of what is the right thing to do. In these instances, we encourage suppliers to openly talk about the issue with us.

    Any questions or feedback regarding this Code should be referred to the AICD at


    When used in this Code the following terms have these meanings:

    Suppliers means all businesses involved in the supply of goods or services to the AICD.

    Workers means all employees including permanent, part-time contract and temporary workers engaged by the AICD’s suppliers, including their sub-contractors.

    Minimum requirements

    The AICD’s minimum requirements are informed by applicable laws, business needs and our stakeholders’ expectations.

    Our approach is to assess suppliers’ compliance with this Code in making sourcing decisions and in deciding to renew a business relationship.  If a supplier is unable to demonstrate compliance with the Code or fails to meet minimum requirements, we reserve the right to pursue appropriate action, including remediation or termination of the business relationship with the supplier.

    As a condition of doing business with the AICD we expect all suppliers to operate in a manner that meets our minimum requirements and be able to demonstrate that measures are in place to meet minimum requirements. Suppliers are expected to:

    • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations and any other requirements set out in this Code.
    • Respond to requests for information a timely manner.
    • Provide an accurate account of their operations and supply chain when responding to requests from the AICD.
    • Promptly advise the AICD of any non-compliance with this Code.
    • Have processes in place that allow for their workers to report non-compliance with this Code, anonymously and free of retribution or other unfavourable treatment.
    • Remedy any non-compliance with this Code as soon as possible.

    Human Rights

    The AICD respects human rights and we are committed to preventing any form of modern slavery or child labour in our supply chain.  We expect our suppliers to do the same.

    Modern Slavery and Child Labour

    The term ‘modern slavery’ refers to human trafficking, forced labour, slavery, servitude, debt bondage, child labour, forced marriage or deceptively recruiting workers to perform labour or services.

    Suppliers are expected to identify modern slavery risks in their supply chain and take steps to prevent modern slavery occurring.

    Worker Entitlements

    Suppliers must provide workers with entitlements in compliance with relevant labour laws and applicable industrial instruments, in the country where the work is undertaken and must ensure that all legal obligations to workers are satisfied. A register of sub-contractors must be maintained by suppliers in relation to goods and/or services provided to the AICD and provided upon request.

    Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying

    The AICD is committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

    We expect our suppliers to:

    • Comply with workplace laws in respect of discrimination, harassment and bullying in their operations and supply chain.
    • Uphold reasonable standards of behaviour in the workplace.
    • Ensure work environments are inclusive and recruitment practices are free from discrimination based on age, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, family responsibilities, disability, or health status of workers, in accordance with law.

    Safety at Work

    We expect our suppliers to:

    • Comply with relevant laws in respect of Work, Health and Safety in their operations and supply chain.
    • Have processes in place to prevent and minimise health and safety risks.


    The AICD supports diversity in its business and across its supplier base. We support our suppliers in promoting diversity within their organisations and supply chain by seeking equitable and mutually beneficial opportunities with a broad range of businesses where possible, for example, indigenous-owned businesses, small and medium enterprises, social enterprises, women-owned businesses, businesses that support and employee people with disabilities and LGBTIQ - owned businesses.

    Risk Management

    The AICD expects its suppliers to:

    • Have in place appropriate risk management and governance practices to ensure compliance with applicable laws and accounting practices.
    • Ensure recovery and continuity of services arising from a disruption, where appropriate.
    • Protect the AICD’s data (including sensitive data) from loss, misuse, or damage.

    Fraud, Bribery & Corruption

    The AICD does not tolerate behaviour that is dishonest, illegal, fraudulent, corrupt, or unethical. We expect our suppliers to:

    • Have measures in place to ensure that workers and suppliers do not commit fraud, bribery, or corruption.
    • Keep accurate records and ensure that information provided to the AICD is an accurate record of the supplier’s operations.

    Ethics & Conduct

    The AICD expects its employees to meet high standards of conduct and we expect our suppliers to:

    • Disclose any actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest of interest in respect of their dealings with the AICD.
    • Avoid offering or receiving gifts, travel or entertainment that could affect or be seen to affect their dealings with the AICD.
    • Pay their workers and contractors on time, in accordance with applicable laws and agreements.

    Social Media. Media and Advertising

    The AICD uses social media responsibly and in accordance with its Social Media Policy.  We expect our suppliers to:

    • Not speak on behalf of the AICD on social media unless expressly authorised to do so.
    • Conduct themselves appropriately on social media.
    • Not use the AICD’s brands or logos unless expressly permitted to do so, in writing.
    • Not refer to its supplier relationship with the AICD unless expressly permitted to do so, in writing.

    Reportable conduct

    If a supplier becomes aware of misconduct by the AICD or an improper situation or circumstances, such as illegality or fraud, it can be reported anonymously by calling the provider engaged by AICD to receive disclosures, Your Call, on 1300 790 228 on reported online at using the identifier AICD2016. More details about reporting such conduct are available in our Speak Up Policy.


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