Managing a data breach: Ten oversight questions for directors

Friday, 01 January 2021

A data breach of scale can be a crisis. If it is not well-managed, it can cause substantial damage to a company and its directors both financially and in terms of reputation. It can also have serious regulatory implications. 

Like any crisis, the breach, or the realization that a breach has occurred, can arise without warning. The response of management can be reactive rather than strategic. The role of the director is to see the wider implications associated with the incident, including to identify and oversee steps that will help to mitigate damage in the medium and longer term.

This director tool provides as list of questions to help identify issues that can arise in the context of a data breach. It aims to assist you to provide governance oversight with appropriate care and diligence should the need arise. This is not a list for management of all steps that might be necessary or desirable.

Downlaod the tool to read more. 

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