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Wednesday, 01 May 2024


    Huntsman Security gives directors immediate evidence-based information about the state and security implications of their cyber posture.

    Presented by Huntsman Security

    There’s a growing need for directors and executive leaders to integrate cyber governance into regular oversight and risk-management practices. A cyber attack can quickly impact the financial, operational and regulatory risks of a business and boards need more timely information about their cyber readiness.

    If you’re confronted by a cyber crisis your board will become actively involved. Communications, crisis management and oversight will all become part of your practised containment and recovery activities. Knowing about your threat environment and the current state of the security controls that protect your organisation will assist, too.

    “Failure to manage those controls will increase the likelihood of an attack on your key business IT systems, assets and data,” says Huntsman Security CEO Peter Woollacott.

    “A Huntsman Security Essential Eight cybersecurity report can quickly advise emerging areas of cyber concern the board needs to be aware of.”

    Reliable information

    As you integrate readiness into your cybersecurity strategy, you need confidence in the quality and reliability of the security information informing your decisions and reporting. Given the role of the board is to stay at a governance level — not sit at an operational level — data-driven information can provide directors with a reliable summary of the true state of their cybersecurity, says Woollacott.

    “Huntsman’s Essential 8 Auditor dashboard generates a cyber maturity score (as defined by the Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight Maturity Model) and identifies security gaps requiring mitigation so as to manage cyber resilience improvement. Its month-by-month measurements against each of the eight security controls enables current and evidence-based decisions and reporting.”

    So where to start

    For the board, the first step is identifying the critical IT systems and assets for protection, notes Woollacott. “What are the assets that, if disrupted, would cause you commercial, reputational or regulatory loss? How are they vulnerable and how should they best be protected?

    “Attack vectors change and the gaps between your security controls and the threat environment can shift, and that can change the effectiveness of your controls. Huntsman solutions quickly detect any emerging security gaps to enable mitigation efforts and inform the board of its current cyber-risk status,” he says.

    Boards can be confident of clear oversight and pre-emptive intelligence by using the immediate, evidence-based information the Huntsman Essential 8 Auditor provides.

    Download the Huntsman Security cyber-risk readiness checklist here

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