Directors need to be aware that blockchain-based governance could become a lot bigger in a much shorter time than many expect, as the concept of the decentralised autonomous organisation pushes its way into mainstream thinking.

    At AGS2022, Reed is eager to discuss everything that's happening in the world in relation to voluntary action on climate change, an issue on which he is passionate, he told the AICD during a recent video interview.

    “Lots of businesses are taking action. But also from a governance perspective, we will discuss what boards need to be looking out for and thinking about.”

    During the AGS2022 session Climate Change: The Next Challenge, he will be joined by fellow speakers Cameron Adams, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Canva and Dr Sarah Ryan MAICD, Director of Woodside, OZ Minerals, Aurizon and Viva Energy.

    The speakers will explore the following:

    Stakeholders expect boards to have strategies in place for addressing this important issue. Asset managers and investors now make climate change and ESG a key consideration in their strategy. Are Australian boards taking the necessary action on climate change and sustainability? How should companies report their ESG performance? Are Australian businesses, NFPs and institutions sufficiently prepared for the transition to a low carbon future?

    “There are going to be no end of great topics for us to engage in, such as what issues should be front of mind for directors in the year ahead. I think the year ahead is going to pose lots of questions …we were hoping that the year ahead was going to have more certainty, but I'm not at all sure that that's the case.”

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