How community services organisations create engaged employees

Friday, 08 July 2016


    The community services sector is one of the largest employers in the country. In an environment where salary levels are not a key motivator in staff recruitment or retention, Mission Australia CEO Catherine Yeomans says that supporting staff and ensuring alignment between the values of the organisation and its workers are vital challenges.

    Here are her four insights into how Mission Australia has maximised engagement.

    1. Live your values
      Staff in the community services sector are motivated by their determination to make a difference. They want to work for an organisation with shared values – and one that lives out those values in order to create the kind of work environment they are seeking, Yeomans says.
    2. Speak out
      Speaking out on issues that staff believe in and showing public commitment to social justice is a vital element of not-for-profit leadership that helps workers to feel aligned with the organisational mission and maintain their passion and dedication.
    3. Encourage self-care
      Employees in the community services sector work in a complex and challenging environment and often confront tragedies and situations that can impact on their own personal well-being, says Yeomans. They need support and access to positive programs designed to promote their own wellness and resilience.
    4. Fight discouragement
      Community focused organisations face a tough funding environment while demand for services continues to grow. Fostering organisational resilience is an ongoing task for leaders and is vital to ensure staff feel supported and valued in the important work they do.

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