Launching the Directing Change Scholarship

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

The Australian Network on Disability and the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) are partnering to provide an active solution to remove the barriers people with disability face.

This historic opportunity will support leaders with disability to increase their governance knowledge and access to board positions.

The expertise of the two organisations will complement each other to provide a comprehensive and integrated program through actions and learnings of both leaders with disability and board directors.

The Directing Change scholarship will open on the 17 January 2022 provide 15 opportunities for people with disability.

The Scholarship

Australian Network on Disability and Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) are offering 15 full-fee scholarships to undertake either the Foundations of Directorship program or the Company Directors Course at AICD. Plus 8 months of mentoring with an Australian business leader to help participates maximise their board career opportunities.

Building disability confident board members

Australian Network on Disability will also build the awareness and disability confidence of Australian board directors, providing them the capability to welcome people with disability.

Australian Network on Disability have successfully conducted mentoring programs between people with disability and Australian businesses for nine years. Mentors from Australian businesses have experienced a 42% increase in disability confidence from similar programs.

Directors wishing to join the mentoring program can apply from 7 February – 11 March 2022.

Corene Strauss CEO of Australian Network on Disability states

“Australian Network on Disability is dedicated to removing the barriers faced by people with disability to ensure there is true representation on Australian Boards and Executive teams. There is a talented cohort of people who are, often unintentionally, overlooked due to physical and systematic barriers. Our role is to help businesses identify and eliminate these barriers to provide equity across all levels of business. Executive and Board representation and leadership is beneficial to all Australians and really signals the value that is provided by true diversity and inclusion.”

Angus Armour FAICD Managing Director and CEO AICD

“The AICD understands the value that is delivered by having a Board inclusive of people with disability. We are proud to partner with Australian Network on Disability to provide a scholarship to people with disability who are looking to expand their skills and experience into the executive and board level.

Thanks to our delivery partner, the Australian Scholarship Foundation who are administering the scholarship application and process.

Australian Network on Disability and AICD are excited to launch this program and start delivering change to Australian Boards in the future.


1 in 5 people in Australia have a disability, however, this number is far from represented at executive and board level positions.

Inclusion, diversity and equity cannot be met if people with disability are not part of decision making across business. Without Board and Executive representation, businesses are not making informed decisions with true market representation.

Low awareness, confidence and capability of Directors to welcome and include people with disability on Boards; along with less opportunities for leaders with disability to access learning and networking; are the main cause of this discrepancy.

Media Contacts

Australian Network on Disability - Megan Jones
Australian Institute of Company Directors - Maegan Sykes

*2018 ABS statistics - Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings, 2018 | Australian Bureau of Statistics (

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