A new breed of learning solutions

Tuesday, 01 July 2014


    Company Directors has embraced a range of new technologies to provide you with more sophisticated electronic and portable learning solutions.

    Flexible learning is focused on providing learners with increased convenience – that is a choice about where, when and how to learn.

    Company Directors has offered members flexible learning through e-learning courses since 2009. This pre-dates the release of Apple’s iPad and other tablet devices which have revolutionised flexible learning. With improved internet bandwidth and accessibility, we are now embracing a range of new technologies in an effort to provide members with more sophisticated electronic and portable learning solutions.

    Interpreting financial statements

    This month we will launch our new e-learning course Interpreting Financial Statements.

    This course replaces an existing offering with a more learner-centric experience. Our new course is scenario driven, providing learners with interactive activities to help internalise their knowledge.

    Prior to starting the course, learners undertake a knowledge check and based on its results, a suitable learning pathway is recommended.

    The course covers the basics, but includes challenge activities for those with a greater knowledge of financial statements. This is the first of our e-learning courses that will be accessible via tablet.

    The content was developed by Company Directors Course (CDC)finance facilitator John Radclyffe GAICD, who in addition to preparing the technical content, developed an accompanying story which develops as participants work through the course.

    “It has been quite a challenge to convert traditional experiential learning techniques to the constraints and, more particularly, the opportunities presented by the online environment,” says Radclyffe. “The options that open up for participant interactivity in the scenarios have taken ‘experiential’ to a whole new level. I am really delighted with the results.”


    We have come a long way since our launch into webinars in 2010. In the years since, our webinar offering has more than doubled in size, reflective of the growth in online learning and its appeal to our members, particularly those outside Australia.

    Last year, we offered our first International Essential Directors Update. The event was supported by a technical team in Melbourne, hosted from Sydney and facilitated from Vancouver. The live event attracted members from Australia, the UK, Asia and the United Arab Emirates, with the recording travelling further around the globe.

    Closer to home, webinars are also proving a useful learning tool for members outside major capitals or those with limited time to attend face-to-face learning programs.

    Amy Tribe GAICD, executive officer at nib foundation, attended her first webinar in December 2013. 

    She says: “It was efficient, professional, easy to connect, hear and see material. It was a high quality presentation and, most importantly, no time was wasted. Sixty minutes in my calendar and I got a good 58 minutes of value – that’s unheard of.”

    All webinars are recorded and offered for six months after the run date, allowing participants to engage with the learning anywhere and anytime they want.

    A blended approach

    The next step for Company Directors is to combine the traditional classroom experience with online education.

    Governance Foundations for Not-for-Profit Directors is the first program using this blended approach, with an e-learning course and recorded webinar supporting the face-to-face learning experience.

    From July 2014, participants in the CDC will benefit from receiving our new e-learning course Interpreting Financial Statements as part of their learning package, providing ideal preparation for the financial modules of the CDC.

    What’s next?

    Our focus for the coming year is to further enhance and build our suite of e-learning courses, broaden our webinar offerings and look for opportunities to use our online learning resources to prepare learners for participation in our face-to-face courses.

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