Directors reflect on PM Turnbull’s new ministry

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


    With only few weeks into a change in Prime Minister, Australian directors will be considering what changes the new ministry under Malcolm Turnbull will bring to their sector.

    Following the announcement of the new Federal Ministry, Australian directors reflect on how the changes will impact their sector.

    Chairman of Youth Projects, Melanie Raymond, said that while Malcolm Turnbull hasn’t said much about the NFP sector specifically, a growing economy with more opportunities for all, not just some, will benefit the NFP sector.

    “So far, his focus has been on national economic policy, investment and jobs. However, the appointment of more women to the ministry at least acknowledges the issue of leadership and diversity, which is so important to the sector," said Raymond.

    "The NFP sector can assume the abolition of the ACNC is now dead and buried and there are no further regulatory moves on the horizon. Any NFP delivering government funded human services will still be anxious about the new treasurer whose track record on social justice is seen as poor,” she said. 

    John Stanhope, chairman of Australia Post, believes Turnbull will be very focused on attracting and developing good professional directors in the government sector and an improvement in the number of women on government boards.

    Dr. Marlene Kanga, board member at Innovation Australia said it was pleasing to hear Turnbull say: “There has never been a better time to be an Australian” and that the new government is looking towards the future with great optimism.

    "It is clear that the Prime Minister and new ministry are also going to focus on innovation and the need for new industries to grow the economy and create new jobs," she said.

    “Government boards like Innovation Australia, which provides oversight over the largest program for government support of industry R&D, have an important role in ensuring successful delivery as well as feedback on the uptake and impact of these government policies on business. This leadership role is now increasingly important with the Government’s focus on innovation to drive the economy forward,” she said.

    Peter L. O’Brien, managing director at Russell Reynolds Associates, said there is a sense from the newly installed Prime Minister that the direction for his government will be about driving diversity of thinking as a major theme to set the path for Australia’s longer term future.

    “There is no doubt, given the changes made to his new Ministry, that Turnbull aims to ensure there is urgent priority given to thinking about Australia’s longer term future and positioning it on the world stage to be relevant but also competitive. This is a positive sign for SMEs as this is where most of the innovation and entrepreneurial leadership will come from to inspire diversity of thinking and therefore the change required to set a new platform for Australia’s future.”

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