Introducing Angus Armour FAICD, AICD’s new managing director and CEO


    It is a tremendous honour to write to you as the newly appointed managing director and CEO of this great organisation.

    I joined the AICD in October 1997, focused on the professional education that membership would bring. I have benefited tremendously from the AICD’s courses and materials since. My commitment to the AICD as a member over 20 years, however, reflects a fundamental belief that all members share in the importance of good governance. My principal objective as MD and CEO is simple: to stay true to the AICD mission to promote excellence in governance, to make a positive impact on society and the economy.

    Redefining excellence in governance

    We must undertake this mission from the perspective that excellence in governance will be constantly redefined in a dynamic and disrupted world. As most of us have seen, adherence to good governance can drive great results — and poor governance, dire outcomes. My background in global markets around the world drives my passion for governance: the implications for communities where the governance framework is failing are profound. Australia is rightly seen as a leader when it comes to governance and we must continue to challenge ourselves, grow our reach and advocate for the measures and environment that foster the best outcomes.  We have a tremendous opportunity to contribute in a positive and productive way to the governance debate.

    I’d like to thank my colleagues at the AICD for their warm welcome, particularly Rachel Gatehouse MAICD who has been acting in this role. I would also like to acknowledge the work of my predecessor, John Brogden FAICD. I am grateful for your commitment, as members, to the AICD. Over the next few months, I intend to spend a great deal of my time listening and learning — to hear what matters most to our members and clients. I look forward to meeting and understanding your priorities as we work together to achieve excellence in governance.

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