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One doesn’t have to be a natural leader to be a good leader. Many of the best leaders have evolved their style and developed their skills over time.

We regularly speak to business leaders about how they have refined and built their leadership skills both inside and outside the boardroom.

From a broad range of practised and emerging directors of listed companies, SMEs, government organisations and not-for-profits, we offer insights about the required experience, skills and qualities of a good leader, now and into the future.

The 10 skills of effective boardroom leaders

Below is a list of key skills that have been identified as attributes of successful leaders, with a particular emphasis on the leadership skills required of effective company directors.

  1. An understanding of why you’re leading and how you lead.
  2. Sound judgement in evaluating decisions and the ability to take a long-term view.
  3. Proficiency at developing trusting relationships.
  4. An awareness of the different communication types and interpersonal dynamics of your ‘team’. For directors, understanding and being able to navigate the different behavioural styles of the executive team and fellow board directors helps cultivate a well-functioning board, good board interaction and effective group decision making.
  5. The ability to identify and combat biases, encourage ‘different’ thinking and avoid group think.
  6. The skills to influence, guide, mentor and motivate others to achieve meaningful outcomes. Successful leaders are characterised by their ability to empower and inspire the people they lead.
  7. The ability to bring a fresh voice to the table. Effective leaders challenge their own way of thinking and look for opportunities to do things differently to achieve their vision.
  8. The flexibility and ability to draw on different leadership qualities and adapt to different circumstances.
  9. The confidence to ask questions, speak freely and challenge peers.
  10. A genuine desire to help the organisation.

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