In the know - International or Australian Company Directors Course?

Monday, 03 April 2017


    The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) has held the Company Directors Course™ for more than 40 years in Australia, and the International Company Directors Course for more than 12 years around the world.

    The International Company Directors Course focuses on the challenges directors and senior executives face when operating in multiple jurisdictions and regions, and explores topics such as culture and the international legal environment. The International Company Directors Course is facilitated by internationally experienced governance practitioners and includes international case studies to complement the learning experience. Delivered in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Shanghai the course is suitable for those working in an international context, or with aspirations to do so.

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    Track your DPD

    Members of the AICD appreciate the value and importance of lifelong learning. Directors and executives who have current skills, contemporary insights and up-to-date knowledge are better positioned to promote and practise effective governance within today’s business environment.

    Through tracking their accrued Director Professional Development (DPD), members of the AICD are able to follow their professional development activities. Our DPD support team assists members to record all the suitable formal and informal development activities they have undertaken, including activities with third parties.

    Since January 2016, a small number of members were selected to have their DPD records reviewed. The overwhelming majority of these members met or exceeded the activity requirements, and valued the support and guidance we provided.

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    Director Nexus

    An ability to handle delicate and multifaceted issues is a skill frequently demanded of directors. When challenges arise, advice from an impartial third party can be invaluable. The AICD’s Director Nexus program gives our members the opportunity to share their experiences in small peer group discussions once a month for ten months. The confidential format means participants can discuss a wide range of boardroom issues, receive practical guidance and maintain their currency in the director landscape. The Queensland Director Nexus will launch in July at the AICD’s Brisbane office, and the program will be available in selected states in 2018.

    Delivering value

    The AICD’s latest publication, Asset Management for Directors, provides a clear framework for directors to address their asset management obligations. The book covers the key points of asset management, including how international asset management standards apply to your organisation, as well as how the right approach to asset management can reduce your risk and deliver a competitive advantage. Each chapter includes a brief case study, covering a wide range of industries, to highlight how the principles are applied in practice. The book, written by asset management expert Dr Monique Beedles FAICD, comes with a complimentary webinar, What is the relevance of the board in asset management?

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