Building an AI-first company: A director's guide

Monday, 06 September 2021


    AI is complex and involves ethical challenges. How should directors be approaching this transformative technology? AI-focused venture capitalist Ash Fontana gives a how-to guide in this video.

    Ash Fontana is an early stage investor focused on AI and author of The AI-First Company: How to Compete and Win with Artificial Intelligence (Penguin).

    In this video, Ash talks about what directors need to know to harness AI to advance their organisation's strategy. He covers:

    • [0:00] What AI is
    • [0:34] How to get up to speed in this fast-moving field
    • [3:07] How your organisation can get started with AI
    • [5:47] What is an AI-first company?
    • [7:24] How AI will be essential for competitive advantage
    • [9:57] How to get the data you need to build effective AI models
    • [11:54] How to keep your customer data safe
    • [14:15] How to find the AI talent you need
    • [16:13] The ethics of AI
    • [18:27] Overcoming potential AI biases 

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