Introduction to Climate Governance

Introduction to Climate Governance is a self-paced e-learning module, designed to provide you with an introduction to the climate literacy you need to begin navigating the complexities of climate change for your organisation.



Lead with climate governance confidence.

Climate governance is not just an ethical consideration; it is a strategic imperative for directors in Australia. By starting to navigate the complexities of climate change, you can better contribute toward a sustainable and resilient future while staying abreast of the dynamic Australian regulatory landscape and fulfilling fiduciary duties to shareholders.

Introduction to Climate Governance is an engaging e-learning module designed to provide you with an introduction to climate governance to begin to understand the opportunities and risk presented to organisations.

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For a deeper understanding of climate risk, strategy and opportunities, and climate reporting, AICD has developed our new Climate Governance for Australian Directors facilitated short course. Please click here to learn more.

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Find out more about the module

This e-learning module is beneficial if you are:

  • A senior executive reporting to a board
  • New to climate governance
  • A new or experienced director
  • An aspiring director

Introduction to Climate Governance explores the knowledge needed to begin to navigate the complexities of climate change, ensuring you are equipped to understand challenges and start to capitalise on opportunities for your board.

Course Outline

  • Climate Change Fundamentals:
    • Understand the basics of climate change and its implications for organisations.
    • Learn about the World Economic Forum (WEF) climate governance principles.
  • Risks and Opportunities:
    • Dive into climate-related risks, encompassing both physical and economic/liability transition risks.
    • Identify opportunities arising from the dynamic landscape of climate change.
  • Directors' Duties:
    • Grasp the duty of care and diligence in the context of climate governance.
    • Explore best interests and the implications of misleading disclosure.
  • Regulations and Reporting:
    • Navigate key areas such as IFRS S2, standards boards' expectations, and mandatory reporting.
  • Implementation Planning:
    • Learn the art of developing a robust implementation plan tailored for your board.

  • Principles, tools and frameworks to aid in climate governance preparation for contemporary boardroom environments.
  • Hear from leading experts and practicing directors and learn how to assess your own board’s readiness for addressing climate change.
  • A flexible online learning format which can be accessed on any device and completed at your convenience.
  • 5 DPD units awarded on completion.

Course Duration: 2 to 2.5 Hours.

There are no prerequisites or assessments required for completing the module.

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