Climate Governance for Australian Directors

Learn about your evolving climate-related duties and responsibilities, navigate new regulations and explore emerging climate risks and opportunities in this interactive, four-week online course.​



Build your climate competence for the boardroom.

As an Australian director, a solid grasp of climate governance is non-negotiable.​

​​Climate Governance for Australian Directors is a facilitated online short course designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into the developing climate-related obligations for directors in Australia. ​​

From understanding climate science to meeting mandatory reporting requirements and evolving stakeholder expectations, this four-week online course arms you with contemporary knowledge of climate governance and the skills needed to confidently navigate its complexities. ​​

​​By the end of this course, you will not only have the capabilities to meet your climate-related obligations, but also the confidence to drive sustainable practices within your organisation and contribute to a more resilient and responsible business landscape in Australia.​​​

Note: Capacity for this short course is limited. We strongly recommend registering today to secure your position.


It is recommended that you have attended one of the courses below OR are a current practising director with at least three years’ experience prior to enrolment. ​

  • Company Directors Course™​

  • Governance for Directors ​

  • Strategy and Risk for Directors ​

  • Foundations of Directorship™​

  • Governance Foundations for NFP Directors ​

​If you are new to climate governance, you should complete the Introduction to Climate Governance e-learning module prior to enrolment.

By undertaking this short course, you will:

  • increase your knowledge of your director duties and responsibilities as they relate to climate governance;​
  • identify the critical questions about climate governance risk and strategic opportunities, developing your leadership capabilities in this area;​
  • explore the Australian climate governance landscape, including climate reporting requirements and practical frameworks to take back to the boardroom;​
  • explore contemporary governance practice as it relates to climate reporting, climate risk and strategic leadership; and​
  • learn how to maximise your effectiveness in leading your organisation’s climate governance capabilities.

  • Two-hour weekly live online virtual classrooms, featuring interactive discussions led by experienced directors with contemporary experience and knowledge of climate governance in an Australian context.​
  • Comprehensive course materials, supplementary reading, reflections and case studies.
  • 10 DPD units upon completion. ​
  • Participants are expected to dedicate approximately five hours per week on reflection, preparatory reading and activities prior to the live sessions.​
  • Course duration: Four weeks.

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