Company Directors Course Update

Review the latest changes and keep your skills at the cutting edge.



Refresh your director knowledge.

If you completed the Company Directors Course™ over two years ago, this is your chance to refresh your director knowledge and remain at the forefront of new challenges and opportunities in the director landscape.

This course also offers those who did not undertake the assessment components of the Company Directors Course a chance to do so.


Our scholarship programs give promising individuals the opportunity to gain new skills and become leaders for a better future.

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Find out more about the course

It is a pre-requisite* that participants have completed the full Company Directors Course prior to attending this course.

The Company Directors Course Update is a 2-day program that provides those who completed the full Company Directors Course more than two years ago the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and highlight important changes in the director landscape.

This course also offers those who did not undertake the assessment components of the Company Directors Course a chance to do so.

*Participants who don’t meet the attendance pre-requisites will be contacted prior to the course, by their Member Partner, and re-directed to an appropriate course that meets their needs.

The course provides a refresher on the material in the Company Directors Course and incorporates the latest developments in governance best practice.

Participants will have completed the Company Directors Course prior to attending and will be familiar with the concepts that form the basis for the content covered in this course.

By undertaking this course, you will:

  • Explore the new challenges and opportunities unfolding for directors and officers
  • Understand any changes to your personal, legal and performance obligations as a director
  • Enhance your questioning skills for assessing reports and proposals
  • Revise your strategic decision-making based on a company’s financial, strategic and risk profile through facilitated case studies, activities and debates
  • Identify opportunities for improving board effectiveness.

This two-day course is delivered in a similar style to the Company Directors Course and involves workshops, case studies and facilitated discussions. Prior completion of the Company Directors Course is a pre-requisite to attending this course.

The Company Directors Course Update reviews the critical areas of change for directors. It does not cover all the topics covered in the Company Directors Course.

The Company Directors Course Update covers the following topics:

Governance and the Practice of Directorship
Outlines the duties and practices of directorship and the boards functions and responsibilities.

The Legal Environment
Analyses the responsibilities and functions of directors and officers, considering the key questions directors should ask about their legal environment and its impact on board decision-making.

Risk and Strategy
Examines the board’s roles in developing an appropriate culture for the organisation’s risk appetite/ tolerance, and in developing and executing strategy.

Achieving Board Effectiveness
Examines effective decision-making, board dynamics, the impact of individual and collective performance and how a constructive board culture can create value for an organisation. Applies course learning through an experiential learning activity.

Participants who successfully complete the (optional) course assessment will qualify for the Company Director Course Award and may be eligible to use the GAICD post nominal (AICD members only).

The assessment for Company Directors Course Update is the same as the Company Directors Course assessment. There are three assessment tasks, the assignment, exam, and quiz to achieve the Company Directors Course Award. These assessments are undertaken and submitted online.

For further details about the assessment, refer to the Participant Assessment Guide.

An opportunity for growth

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Our programs are designed by education specialists with the input of experienced directors and subject matter experts. The content is updated annually and includes case studies and real-life examples to ensure relevancy for today's and tomorrow's directors.

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