Evaluating Board Finances Part 1 - Analyse and question financial statements

Using a real listed company this webinar will bring to life a company’s financial situation through interpreting and analysing their three financial statements. We will use a unique methodology which will assist directors with no financial background to easily apply it to their own situation.

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Recording available from: Friday, 08 July 2022
Expiry Date - Wednesday, 14 August 2024
Duration - 75

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This event will earn you 5 DPD units

Financial literacy is a skill that few of us are taught, yet when joining a board, we are expected to be able to understand financial concepts, ask probing questions when presented with financial information at board meetings, draw conclusions and make decisions. 

The purpose of this webinar is to give you the skills and build your confidence in being able to analyse and interpret financial information and will cover: 

  • An explanation of the three financial statements of an ASX-listed company, namely:

    - the balance sheet;
    - the income statement; and
    - the statement of cash flows.

  • Explanation of a step-by-step methodology on ways to analyse and interpret each of the statements then draw conclusions on financial performance

  • Questions for directors to ask in relation to issues identified above after applying the step-by-step methodology.

You may also be interested in Part 2 - Financial ratios, trends and warning signs.

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