The AICD Board Advisory identifies key school governance themes. From developing the right constitution to forming a strong recruiting policy, here are a number of ways that schools can review their performance and policies.

    1. Constitution

    Needed: a constitution enabling school governance to respond to changing needs of its environment and not impede directors from exercising fiduciary duties with due care and responsibility.

    2. Clarity of roles and responsibilities

    Needed: a clear articulation of how governance authorities are delegated through the school, who is accountable to whom and how each is held to account.

    3. Skills and experience

    Needed: a governance structure that is attractive to join, well supported and enables recruitment from a strong candidate pool.

    4. Strategic focus

    Needed: a repositioning of the school board to enable a strategy and policy development focus, and allowing the delegation of other matters.

    5. Communication

    Needed: a structure that brings the board closer to the community the school serves.

    6. Corporate support

    Needed: a function that provides valuable corporate support to the school and council, letting a school thrive.

    7. Reporting

    Needed: a reporting structure that streamlines information to better support the board in their governance communication and oversight — and is tied more closely to governance accountabilities and corporate objectives.

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