How do directors ensure that the care being provided by their organisation is appropriate and of high quality?

Wednesday, 21 June 2023


    Society’s expectations of the organisations we rely on continue to increase, and with that the expectations of their leaders also are at the highest level ever.

    Royal Commissions over the last decade have highlighted the failures across all sectors - Private, NFP and Public - but have also given insights into how things can be done differently, and better, to meet these expectations. AICD’s NFP Governance Study noted the increasing time commitment that directors are spending on their governance role as part of that reaction to this evolving landscape.

    Governing to protect our most vulnerable citizens is challenging. Whether that be for aged care, disability services, children or the homeless, we need to have an increased focus on those who are central to our purpose – our clients.

    “Practice Governance is a team game. It is the domain of the board and management – all of us have a role to play and we need to do that in partnership.”

    Claire Robbs, Chief Executive of LWB

    This interview with Gill Calvert, Director and Claire Robbs, CEO of Life Without Barriers explores their journey of putting the client at the centre of the governance landscape. It has been a challenging but rewarding journey that all within the organisation have needed to be part of – after all, governance is a team game. The journey will continue as operating models continue to evolve and their learnings about being truly client centric develop.

    Hear from the team at Life Without Barriers as they discuss their ongoing journey of establishing and updating a ‘Practice Governance Framework’. 38:58

    Life Without Barriers have developed a Practice Governance Framework which assists in focusing on key issues in understanding the care of their clients. The framework is freely available for others to download and decide if some elements may be useful for their organisations.

    The Aged Care and Disability Royal Commission findings will continue to highlight the challenges of meeting client needs and all organisations providing care will need to consider how they meet these ongoing challenges.

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