Six Fundamentals of Not-For-Profit Governance

Tuesday, 14 February 2023


    This roundtable series is designed for not-for-profits to help them to turn best practices of governance into reality. Hosted by Phil Butler GAICD, the NFP Sector Lead from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Watch six practical conversations with not for profit experts. Put theory into practice and learn from their real world experience in both small and large not for profits.

    Produced in conjunction with Company Director Magazine.

    Episode 1: Board Composition

    Board composition is a critically important component of governance. How do you create the right board to achieve the outcomes of the organisation?

    Join Lucas Patchett OAM, founder and CEO of Orange Sky, and Verity Hawkins GAICD, CEO of the Cancer Council of ACT, as we discuss tenure, succession planning and using a skills matrix to assess the suitability of board members.

    Hear how OrangeSky levelled up its governance and selected complementary skills to round out its board.

    Watch the full episode here.


    Episode 2: CEO-Board Relationships

    CEO reporting is one of the key ways that information flows from the management team to the board.

    In this episode, Kate Lidbetter GAICD, chair of Gondwana Choirs, and Steven Pearce ASFM GAICD, CEO of Surf Life Saving NSW, discuss how to structure a CEO report for maximum usefulness to the board. This episode covers:

    ●     What should be included in a CEO report.

    ●     How often it should be provided.

    ●     How to structure it for ease of consumption by busy directors.

    Watch the full episode here.


    Episode 3: Strategy and Operations

    What’s the difference between a strategic plan and an operational plan, and do we need both?

    In this episode, Lisa Chung AM FAICD, Art Gallery NSW Foundation Board trustee, Phil Butler GAICD, AICD NFP sector leader, and Brett Herkt, CEO of BoardPro, discuss:

    ●     The difference between a strategic plan and an operational plan.

    ●     The elements of a good plan.

    ●     How purpose, strategy and operational plans fit together.

    ●     How to pull together an operational plan.

    Watch the full episode here.

    EPISODE 3: Startegy and operations00:24

    Episode 4: NFP Financials

    Evaluating the organisation’s financial health is an important part of the role of the board.

    In this episode, Liesel Wett FAICD, chair of Goodwin Aged Care, and Vicki Hartley GAICD, chair of Dress for Success, discuss how to interpret financial statements, what to look for when evaluating financial health and how to have difficult conversations about the financial sustainability of the organisation. This episode covers:

    • Is the board satisfied that the organisation’s resources are protected from misuse?
    • Is there an agreed definition of success for this organisation?
    • Why is profit perceived as a dirty word and how can leaders debunk this misconception? 

    Watch the full episode here.

    EPISODE 4: NFP Financials00:20

    Episode 5: Risk Management

    The board’s role is to oversee a framework that manages risk as an integral part of the decision-making process, both at board level and throughout the organisation.

    In this episode, Chris Franks FAICD, chair of Women in Aid & Development, and Adam Davids MAICD, director of Social Ventures Australia, discuss how to effectively manage risk in a fast-growing organisation. This episode covers:

    ●     What is your board’s risk appetite and how did you determine it?

    ●     Is the board aware of how risk is managed in the organisation?

    ●     How often should the board undertake a review of the risk management framework?

    Watch the full episode here.

    EPISODE 5: Risk Management00:20

    Episode 6: Decision Making

    What happens when a plan doesn’t go to plan?

    In this episode, Ronni Kahn AO, founder of OzHarvest, and Louise Baxter GAICD, CEO of Starlight Foundation, discuss how to create a culture of transparency and accountability in your organisation. This episode covers:

    ●     What are some of the traps organisations can fall into when things go wrong?

    ●     The role of the board in addressing issues and learning from mistakes.

    ●     Is the board comfortable that it has the necessary information to make informed decisions?

    Watch the full episode here.

    Episode 6: Decision making00:20

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