Congratulating Company Directors Course graduates

Saturday, 12 July 2003


    List of Graduates by state

    Australian Capital Territory

    Paul Allen GAICD - Director, Acumen Alliance

    Hisham El-Ansary FAICD - Chief Financial Officer, Airservices Australia

    Andrew Hughes FAICD - Assistant Commissioner, Australian Federal Police

    William Kerley GAICD - Assistant Director, Department of Defence

    Ansena Neilson GAICD - Director, Department of Defence

    New South Wales

    Andrew McRobert GAICD -Principal, Andrew McRobert & Associates Order of Merit

    Robert A Anderson FAICD - Senior Vice President, NSW Farmers Association

    Keian Barnard GAICD - Group Operations Manager, Ampcontrol

    David Bell GAICD - Secretary, Earth Foundation Australia

    Peter Butcher FAICD - Director, Project & Community Management

    John Butler FAICD - Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Financial Services Australia

    Sarah Carrigan FAICD - Finance Director, Blenheim Capital Limited

    Patrick Ellis FAICD - General Manager, Allied Mining Australia

    Tony Fedorowicz GAICD - Supply Chain Manager, Orica Australia

    Andrew Ford GAICD - General Manager, Mountain Top Coffee

    Tim Ford AM GAICD - Consultant, International Peace & Security

    Gregory Groppenbacher FAICD - Director, Refrigerant Reclaim Australia

    Dick Grozier FAICD - Director Workplace Policy, Australian Business Limited

    Fiona Holyoake GAICD - Vice President, DB Capital Partners Deutsche Bank

    John Hopman FAICD - Director, Hopman Consulting Services

    Sue Ingelmo FAICD - Manager, AMP Officers Provident Fund

    Philip Keady GAICD - Manager, Strategic Facility Planning & Trusts, NSW Department of Sport & Recreation

    Elizabeth le Noble FAICD - Corporate Secretary, Novera Energy

    Sue McGinn FAICD - Director, Dairy Farmers Co-operative

    Angus McLaren GAICD - Director, Grainco Australia

    Rupert Macarthur-Onslow FAICD - Director, Airtyre

    Peter Martin GAICD - IT Consultant/Director, Arona Holdings

    Linda Mearing FAICD - Manager Community Development, Woollahra Council

    Tom Mulligan FAICD - Director, Portfolio Links

    Pamela Murray-Jones GAICD - General Manager National Education, Australian Institute of Company Directors

    Lyn Nicholson FAICD - Partner, Ebsworth & Ebsworth

    Stuart Powell GAICD - Director, Open Telecommunications

    Nathan Satara GAICD - Manager Property, Kindelon

    Soren Sorensen GAICD

    John Stack GAICD- Chief Financial Officer, Westfund Limited

    Grahame Turk FAICD - Managing Director, Sydney Fish Market

    Gabrielle Upton GAICD - Senior Policy Officer, Australian Institute of Company Directors

    Sally Walker FAICD - Financial Controller, Windridge Pig Farm


    Darren Barlow FAICD - Manager Strategic Relations, Ergon Energy

    Lee Bradbery GAICD - Strategic & Business Services Manager, Ipswich City Council

    Peter Chan GAICD - Manager Metering Dynamics, Energex

    Michael Charlton FAICD - Councillor, Pine Rivers Shire Council

    Margaret Crawford FAICD - Divisional Manager, Brisbane City Council

    Margaret Goody FAICD - Chief Executive, Rockhampton Regional Development

    Peter Hall FAICD - Director Corporate Support, Pine Rivers Shire Council

    John Hoffman FAICD - Managing Director, JH Consulting Services

    Ian Johnston FAICD - Executive Director, ABN AMRO Morgans

    Craig McConnell FAICD - Councillor, Pine Rivers Shire Council

    Robert Millar FAICD - Councillor, Pine Rivers Shire Council

    Shane Templeton FAICD - Director, Templeton Holdings

    Ron Wilson FAICD - General Manager Corporate Services & Company Secretary, Golden Casket Lottery Corporation

    South Australia

    Robert Hannam FAICD - Managing Director, RJ Hannam & Co

    John Howard FAICD - General Manager Australian Water Quality Centre, SA Water


    Jamie Bayly-Stark GAICD - Assistant Director Policy, Department of Premier & Cabinet

    Stephen R. Foley FAICD - Company Secretary, Port of Devonport Corporation

    Fiona Howroyd GAICD - Project Manager, Department of Infrastructure Energy & Resources

    Ray Murphy FAICD - Director, TASEA Enterprises

    Robert Neil FAICD - Project Manager NEM Implementation, Department of Treasury & Finance

    Anne Taylor GAICD - Managing Director, Wise Work


    Chris Bishop GAICD - Manager Corporate & Strategic Development, City of Marion

    David Brooks FAICD - General Manager Evaluation & Audit, Department of Education & Training

    William Darmody FAICD - Director/Principal, Second Crater

    Geordie Fairweather GAICD - Director, Convair Engineering

    Lloyd Higginbotham GAICD - Business Development Manager, Food Science Australia

    Donna Howlett FAICD - Managing Director, Monash IVF

    Sam Hurst FAICD - Director, Calendar Cheese Company

    Gabor Kovacs FAICD - Medical Director, Monash IVF

    Peter Magarry GAICD - General Manager, TXU Networks

    Wynn Owen FAICD - Chief Financial Officer, J J McDonald & Sons

    Richard Prideaux FAICD - Principal, St Paul's Anglican Grammar School

    Gregory Paul Savage GAICD - Program Leader, CSIRO

    Martin van Run FAICD - Director, La Trobe University Language Centre

    John Vines FAICD - Chief Executive Officer, APESMA

    Andrew Wheeler FAICD - Director, Zurich Dealer Services

    Glen Williams FAICD - Managing Director, nLIVEn

    David Winter FAICD - Director, GoldCrest Holdings

    Russell Witcombe FAICD - Managing Director, Mildura Fruit Company

    Western Australia

    Richard Affleck FAICD - Director, McDowall Affleck

    Wallace Cowling GAICD - Research Director, Canola Breeders Western Australia

    Nigel Jones FAICD - General Manager, Group & Financial Services, HBF Health Funds Inc

    Kevin Peterson GAICD


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