Queensland director awarded gold medal: AICD Review

Friday, 01 November 2002


    AICD’s Queensland Division celebrated the outstanding contribution Ted Ranson has made as a company director when he was announced winner of the 2002 Gold Medal Award early last month.

    In an environment of heightened public scrutiny for many company directors, Queensland division president John Massey, reflected on the importance of the award in recognising those directors who continue to promote credible business practices. "Ted is a dedicated company director who has set a fine example for aspiring company leaders," Massey said. "His astute business skills, coupled with his honesty, integrity and professionalism are testimony to his successful business career," In recognising Ranson's contribution to Queensland business, the award pays particular tribute to his responsibility as a professional director, his expertise in commerce, his involvement at the Brisbane Stock Exchange and his commitment to the community. Ranson has sat on and lead many boards including Queensland Cement, Bundaberg Sugar, Bank of Queensland, Suncorp, Peter Kurts Properties, Techniche, Leutenegger, MITEC, BQSF and Kurts Developments.

    Mr Ranson reflects on current debate surrounding the role of directors and says the requirements legislators are putting on directors is limiting their ability to focus on long-term business strategy and performance. "Increasing reporting measures and continuous disclosure requirements essentially take away from a director's focus on the organisation's core business, and in my view this will reduce the satisfaction of directorships in the future," he said. Asked what made a good company, Ranson said of all the boards he has been a member of, the common element was good people. "We must continue to source intelligent, well-read, ethical, honest team players with life experience, and be sure that an over-regulated business environment does not dissuade the good people," he said. A University of Queensland commerce graduate, Ranson became a stockbroker and partner of Queensland underwriter, Wilson and Co, before being appointed chairman of the Brisbane Stock Exchange, and later announced his retirement in his 40s to become a full-time company director.

    "In the beginning I thought it would be a good 'retirement job' but I found myself busier than ever before," he said. In the 1990s he became well recognised for his involvement in the group appointed by the Goss Government to implement radical change at Suncorp. In winning the award, Ranson follows in the footsteps of 18 celebrated Queenslanders including Rod White, Jim Kennedy, Frank Haly and Elizabeth Nosworthy.


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