Congratulating Company Directors Course graduates: AICD Review

Tuesday, 01 October 2002


    October 2002 CDC Graduates at the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    Australian Capital Territory

    Damian Burton GAICD

    Deputy Director-Personnel Support & Amenities

    Department of Defence

    Phillip J Charley FAICD

    Director Superannuation

    Department of Defence

    Drew Clarke GAICD

    Executive General Manager


    Jenny Da Rin FAICD

    Executive Director

    Australian Made Campaign

    Mark Francis FAICD


    Elton Farm

    Bruce Gemmell FAICD

    Deputy Director

    Civil Aviation Safety Authority

    Norman Humphery GAICD

    Chief Financial Officer

    Australian Pork

    Keith Lyon FAICD

    Managing Director

    Defence Housing Authority

    Kim Wishart GAICD

    Financial Controller

    Jacobs Sverdrup Australia

    New South Wales

    Mike Bowden GAICD

    Strategic Planning Manager

    Jacobs Sverdrop Australia

    Nigel Doyle GAICD

    Director of Purchasing

    ACCO Australia

    Gregory Edmonds GAICD


    NSW Couriers Please

    Sandy Gordon-Baker FAICD


    Organisation Plus

    Natalie Hallinan GAICD

    Manager-Governance Advisory Service

    Westpac Investment Management

    Kevin J Harris GAICD


    Northern Sydney Institute

    Paul Hartcher FAICD

    General Manager

    Wambo Mining

    Jon James FAICD

    Chief Operating Office

    Logical Networks

    Ian Johnsson GAICD

    General Manager – Research & Innovation

    Australian Pork

    John Lee GAICD

    Managing Director


    David McQuire GAICD

    Financial Controller

    Stevens Group

    Luke Miels FAICD

    Managing Director

    Aventis New Zealand

    Jonathan Moss GAICD

    General Manager- Business Development

    Dairy Farmers Group

    Les Pataky GAICD

    Chief of Staff Maritime Command

    Royal Australian Navy

    Alison Payne FAICD


    Positive Value

    Andreas Pittlik GAICD

    Executive Manager-Business Development


    Nigel Poole FAICD

    Managing Director

    Norland Partnership

    Michael Rabbitt GAICD

    General Manager-Product Development & Travel


    Peter Steele GAICD

    Chief Operating Officer


    Margaret Vischer GAICD

    Senior Vice President HR & Org Development


    Gerard Walsh FAICD

    Corporate Security Executive


    Cameron Westaway GAICD

    Manager-Inland Fisheries

    NSW Fisheries

    Chris Woodgate GAICD

    National Manager Health Programs

    MBF Australia

    Northern Territory

    Meribeth Fletcher GAICD

    General Manager

    Dept of Health & Community Services

    Katherine Henderson FAICD

    Deputy CEO

    Dept of Employment, Education & Training

    Moira O'Brien GAICD

    Company Secretary/ Director

    Coodardie Brahmans

    Wendy Oldham FAICD

    Manager Commercial & Company Secretary

    NT Gas

    Joachim Schoen GAICD

    Marketing & Information Manager

    Original IT Investments

    Joseph J Siragusa GAICD

    Regional Business Manager

    National Australia Bank

    Papua New Guinea

    Rodney Mitchell GAICD

    Managing Director

    National Superannuation Fund of PNG

    Ian Tarutia GAICD

    General Manager

    National Superannuation Fund


    Jonathan J Moreno GAICD

    Program Director

    Institute of Corporate Directors

    Cesar Villanueva FAICD

    Senior Partner

    Villanueva Gabionza & De Santos

    Edwin B. Villanueva FAICD


    VFL Advisors Inc

    Alfonso S. Yuchengco FAICD


    Argosy Advisors


    Anthony K Bennett GAICD

    Group Manager Distribution Services


    Glen Mullins GAICD

    General Manager Infrastructure Operations

    Queensland Mail

    Peter I Nuttall FAICD

    Managing Director

    Rud Chains

    Jennifer Pouwer GAICD


    Queensland Health

    Ainslie Waldron FAICD


    Ainslie Waldron & Associates

    Christopher Whitecross GAICD



    South Australia

    Ann Angel FAICD

    Investment Manager

    Playford Capital

    Phillip Baker FAICD

    Managing Director

    Adelaide Airport

    Mary Bowyer FAICD

    Marcus d'Assumpcao FAICD

    Manager - Training Development

    Construction Industry Training Board

    Louise Fraser GAICD

    Managing Director

    Pellenc Australia

    Alfio Grasso GAICD

    Technical Manager

    Tagsys Australia

    David Hughes FAICD


    Employment Directions

    Andre Kuys GAICD

    Technical Manager

    NRG Flinders

    Patricia June Moore FAICD


    Professional Associations Superannuation

    Robert Mugford GAICD

    Operations Manager

    Protherics Australasia

    Peter South GAICD

    Production Manager

    Tarong Energy

    Mark Waterman FAICD



    Ashley Wilson FAICD

    Operations Manager

    Sonic Innovations


    John Elliott FAICD


    Rosemary Addis GAICD

    Stephen Day FAICD

    Associate Director

    Centrepoint Finance

    David Dunne GAICD

    Executive Manager

    Coogee Energy

    Leisa Fielding GAICD

    National Manager


    Peter Grove GAICD

    General Manager - Product Management Process


    Brendan Hogan GAICD

    National Sales Manager

    Faber Castell

    Kate Joseph GAICD


    Southern Agricultural Producers Co-op

    Robert Marsh GAICD

    Manager Rates & Valuations

    City of Melbourne

    Brendan Murphy FAICD

    CMO & Program Director

    St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

    Lisa Pollock GAICD

    Field Services Manager

    Murray Goulburn Co-op

    John Simcocks GAICD

    General Manager: Personal Care & New Zealand

    PZ Cussons Australia

    Stephen Stewart FAICD

    Managing Director


    Jean Sutherland FAICD


    Goulburn Murray Water

    Mike Symons FAICD

    Associate Director

    N M Rothschild & Sons

    Michael Tudball FAICD


    Tudball Quality Management

    Nanne van t'Riet FAICD

    General Manager-Business Services

    NSW Farmers' Association

    Mark Van Zuylekom GAICD

    Director Corporate Services

    Rural Ambulance Victoria

    Western Australia

    Bradley McManus FAICD

    Managing Director

    University of WA Guild

    Order of Merit

    Nicholas Bruining FAICD

    Director Financial Planning

    Association of Australia

    Thomas Busher GAICD

    Deputy Chairman

    Harvey Water Cooperative

    David Chadwick FAICD


    Blackwood Basin Group

    James Chippendale GAICD


    Cadham Consulting

    Douglas Forster GAICD

    Director-Business Units

    City of Perth

    Chris Henderson FAICD


    C & E Henderson

    Frank Houwen GAICD

    Relationship Executive

    Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    Vicki Krause GAICD

    Senior Legal Counsel


    Graham McHarrie FAICD


    Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

    Robyn McKern GAICD



    Shaun McRobert GAICD



    Graham Mathieson GAICD


    Minergy Consulting

    Eduard Planken FAICD

    Chief Executive Officer

    Wescobee Limited

    Brian Preston GAICD

    Managing Director

    Preston Consulting Group

    Lindsay Reed FAICD

    Chief Executive Officer

    Aviva Corporation

    Glenn Ruscoe GAICD

    Managing Director

    Riseley Physiotherapy

    Mark Stickells GAICD

    Business Manager

    CRC for Plant-Based Management of Dryland Salinity


    The purpose of this database is to provide a full-text record of all articles that have appeared in the CDJ since February 1997. It is aimed to assist in the research and reference process. The database has a full-text index and will enable articles to be easily retrieved.It should be noted that information contained in this database is in pre-publication format only - IT IS NOT THE FINAL PRINTED VERSION OF THE CDJ - therefore there might be slight discrepancies between the contents of this database and the printed CDJ.

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