Board meeting agenda

Wednesday, 01 January 2020

The purpose of a board meeting agenda is to improve the effectiveness of board meetings. It is the tool the chair uses to keep boardroom discussions focused. Although each board will have an agenda that reflects specific topics of relevance to a company at that time, a number of general items will be included on most agendas.

A good agenda alerts directors about issues that will be discussed at the meeting. It can help executives prepare to discuss issues with the board and to develop related board papers. An agenda helps the chair ensure that all issues are dealt with in an appropriate order and depth during the meeting.

A well-designed agenda allows directors to add value and avoid trouble by better contributing to the organisation’s longterm strategies by adding future-oriented topics to the agenda. For example, in a time of rapid change, increased complexity and uncertainty, boards worldwide are faced with issues such as how they can effectively monitor corporate culture, digital disruption, cyber security, the implications of artificial intelligence and the need for innovation. The question is, when does the board get time to discuss these matters; the answer is by adding them to their annual calendar and meeting agendas. 

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