This quarter we celebrate 40 per cent women directors on the top 20 ASX listed companies. Positive progress continues across the index, with women now occupying 35.6 per cent of all ASX 300 directorships.

    “Hitting 40 per cent female directors in the ASX 20 is a significant milestone and I’m confident that result will soon be reflected further down the index” said AICD Managing Director and CEO Mark Rigotti.  

    “The successes of the past five years have been achieved through setting clear targets and we encourage those companies still under the minimum threshold of 30 per cent to consider what more they can do to increase the diversity of their board.” 

    Our spotlight data reveals a consistent decrease in ‘one or none’ boards over the past five years. There are currently 44 companies on the ASX 300, or 15 per cent, that have only one or no women on the board, down from more than 100 (31 per cent) in 2018.  

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