IPOs an opportunity for greater gender diversity


    We are delighted to report this quarter that women now comprise 35.1 per cent of directors in the ASX 200 and 34.3 per cent in the ASX 300 – well on the way to reaching 40 per cent representation.

    In this report we celebrate a significant milestone of 35.1% per cent women in the ASX 200. The ASX 200 and 300 companies continue to steadily increase in the proportion of women on boards, with this success largely attributed to companies that set measurable targets to achieve gender diversity.

    We also highlight the IPO data on gender diversity, noting significant room for improvement. Out of the 401 newly listed companies between 2019 and 2022, only 12.2 per cent of IPO directors were women.

    We welcome Mark Rigotti, AICD’s Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer and reaffirm AICD’s commitment to advocate for board diversity in its broadest sense, encouraging all boards, including IPOs to use each appointment as an opportunity to strengthen decision-making.

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