Guidelines - Member-Organised Events

Set out below are the guidelines of member-organised events.

1.  These Guidelines apply to events organised by designated Members.  Please review these Guidelines and accept the Terms and Conditions before completing the Event Application Form. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions you will not be able to submit an Event Application Form.

2.  Only the Divisional Council President and one other nominated council member will have ability to submit an Event Application Form.

3.  The Member is responsible for booking the venue for the event, whether held at AICD’s premises or at a third-party venue. The Member is responsible for all costs incurred in organising the event, including catering and any venue hire costs.  If the Member wishes to organise an event to be held at AICD’s premises, this is subject to room availability and must be held during business operating hours. The Member must not enter into or purport to enter into any contract or agreement or accept any booking with a third party venue on behalf of the AICD. The Member must enter into any such arrangements on their own account and be responsible for costs incurred.

4.  The AICD reserves the right to reject an Event Application Form for any reason, in its sole discretion. 

5.  The AICD will only accept the following event types:

a. Roundtables

b. Breakfasts

c. Lunches

6.  The maximum attendance allowed at any event is 20.

7.  No alcohol may be served at the event.  The event may only be held in person and may not be recorded or otherwise transmitted via audio-visual link/Zoom/Microsoft Teams. 

8.  The AICD will accept one self-organised event per council/region, per quarter.

9.  The AICD requires a minimum lead time of six weeks from receipt of Event Application Form to the date of the event.

10.  In organising an Event a Member must have regard to:

a. the AICD’s Constitution;

b. the AICD’s Member Code of Conduct; and

c. the AICD’s Events Policy

11.  In organising the event a Member may be provided with personal information of potential attendees. A Member must only deal with personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act and the AICD’s Privacy Policy and must not use the personal information provided for any purpose not directly connected to organising the event.

12.  A Member must delete any personal information provided once the event has occurred. If the event does not proceed, the Member must delete the personal information provided as soon as practicable after the event has been cancelled.  The organising Member must also agree to take the steps set out in the Terms and Conditions in relation to a suspected or actual data breach.

13.  The event may only be advertised/marketed using the templates supplied to the Member by the AICD. The templates make clear that the event organised by the Member is not sponsored or organised by the AICD.  

14.  The Member organising the event is responsible for ensuring that all attendees have agreed to comply with the AICD’s Events Policy prior to attending the event. The Member is also responsible for ensuring that standards of conduct are maintained at the event.  In the event that the AICD receives a complaint about the event, the organising Member is expected to co-operate with the AICD in addressing and resolving the complaint.

15.  Member-Organised Events must be free of charge. No Member can receive compensation, or otherwise take payment, in relation to a Member-Organised Event.

16.  If the organising Member books an event to take place at the AICD’s premises they will be provided with relevant information about safety (including evacuation procedures) prior to the event taking place, and the Member must ensure that they are familiar with this information prior to the event and provide the information to attendees. 

17.  The organising Member is responsible for attendees complying with any public health orders that may be in force as at the date of the event, in accordance with the Events Policy, including social distancing requirements.  In relation to events that take place at the AICD’s premises, the organising Member must agree to comply with and to ensure that all attendees comply with all reasonable directions given by AICD employees. 

18.  The AICD maintains public liability insurance in relation to its premises. The Member is responsible for ensuring that any third party venue has appropriate insurances in place. 

19.  Any questions about organising events should be directed to Amanda Tait at and 02 8248 2752. This program is being conducted on a trial basis and any feedback should be provided to Amanda Tait.


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