Terms and Conditions – Member-Organised Events

Set out below are the terms and conditions of member-organised events.

These terms and conditions (Terms) apply to any Event organised by designated members of the AICD (You/the Organiser). You must agree to these Terms prior to raising a request to organise the Event by submitting an Event Submission Form

In organising an Event pursuant to these terms You agree to the following:

(a) Events Policy: Prior to the Event proceeding You must ensure that all attendees have agreed to the AICD’s Events Policy. You agree that You are responsible for attendees complying with the Events Policy at the Event.

(b) Personal Information: Any Personal Information (as that term is defined in the AICD’s Privacy Policy) provided to You for the purpose of organising the Event must be used strictly for that purpose.  You are not entitled to retain the Personal Information nor are you permitted to use the Personal Information for any purpose not directly related to organising the Event.  You agree to delete the Personal Information once the Event has been held, or, if the Event does not proceed, as soon as practicable after You confirm that the Event will not proceed. You agree to immediately inform the AICD of any Data Breach that may occur or has occurred in relation to Personal Information supplied to You by contacting the AICD’s Privacy Officer by email at privacy@aicd.com.au. You agree to fully co-operate with the AICD in respect of its investigation of any potential or actual Data Breach.

(c) Costs: You agree that all Costs in relation to the Event will be met by You, including catering costs that You incur using the AICD’s catering supplier/s for an Event held on AICD’s premises. You agree that all invoices rendered by the AICD or its suppliers in relation to an Event held on AICD premises will be paid by You in accordance with the invoice terms and that the Costs of an Event that You arrange to be held at a Third Party Venue are Your sole responsibility. You agree that under no circumstances are You authorised to enter into any agreement or contract in respect of venue hire or any other costs associated with an Event on the AICD’s behalf and you acknowledge that You must enter into any agreement or contract or accept a quotation for a Third Party Venue on Your own account.  You agree to indemnify the AICD for any Costs incurred in relation to an Event whether held at the AICD’s premises or at a Third Party Venue.

(d) Ticketing: Events must be provided free of charge.

(e) Marketing and Advertising: In advertising the Event You agree to use the template/s supplied by the AICD. You agree that any advertising in relation to the Event will explicitly state that the Event is not organised by the AICD.  You must not either explicitly state or imply that the Event is organised by the AICD.

(f) Standards of conduct and safety: You must use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Event is conducted in accordance with the Events Policy and in accordance with all applicable laws, including work health and safety laws and anti-discrimination laws. You must ensure that attendees comply with all public health orders in place as at the date of the event and all reasonable directions given to You/the attendees by AICD’s employees. In relation to an Event held on AICD’s premises You must comply and ensure that attendees comply with all Venue Instructions provided to You. 

(g) Complaints: If the AICD receives a complaint from any individual or agency in relation to the Event You agree that You will promptly provide any information reasonably sought by the AICD and/or its representatives (including an insurer)relating to the complaint.

(h) Liability: You acknowledge that any Event You organise held at a Third Party Venue is not the AICD’s responsibility and You further acknowledge that You may be liable for any Claim that occurs at an Event held at a Third Party Venue.  

(i) Cancellation: The AICD may decline to permit an Event proceeding at its premises at its sole discretion for any reason. If the AICD declines to permit an Event proceeding on its premises You will be solely liable for any Costs incurred  in relation to the cancellation of the Event (however the AICD will not seek payment in relation to room booking fees.)

(j) Insurance: The AICD warrants that it holds public liability insurance in respect of its premises.

(k) Release: You release the AICD from any liability in relation to the Event, to the extent permitted by the law of the state or territory in which the Event takes place.

(l) Appliable law:  The law applying to these Terms is the law of the state or territory in which the Event takes place.

(m) Definitions: Capitalised words have the following meaning in these Terms:

Claim: means any demand for expenses or damages whether contractual or arising by operation of statute.

Costs: means any expenses incurred in relation to Event whether directly or indirectly.

Data Breach: means a security incident that involves the actual or potential  exposure, loss, theft, destruction or alteration of personal information.

Event: means a meeting of AICD members organised by You pursuant to these Terms.   

Third Party Venue: means a venue other than AICD premises.

Venue Instructions: means any safety or other instructions provided to You by the AICD in respect of conducting an Event on AICD premises.


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