Climate Governance Forum 2022 Highlights

Watch some of the highlights from the Australian Governance Summit 2022


    Watch some of the highlights from the Climate Governance Forum 2022.

    Selected sessions from the Climate Governance Forum 2022.

    Australia’s Economic Opportunities From the Transition to Net Zero

    NAB Chair, Philip Chronican, joins the Climate Governance Forum for a special presentation, and answers questions from the audience.

    The Path to Net Zero – How Do We Get There?

    Many Australian organisations and businesses have committed to reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. But how achievable is this target? What transformations are needed for our economy? What is the role of the board in setting targets and oversighting progress? What are the risks of either making or declining to make a public commitment?

    Tracking Progress and Success: Climate Disclosure and Reporting

    All entities are under increasing pressure to publicly disclose action on climate change and discussions are underway for a compulsory disclosure framework both globally and in Australia. How might reporting and disclosure obligations drive changes to an organisation’s climate actions? What information are investors and other stakeholders likely to require? How will directors address the risks of greenwashing? How will boards obtain reasonable assurance of outcomes?

    Delivering for Stakeholders

    Many boards report that stakeholders expect their organisations to take firm action on climate change. Investors, staff, customers and the broader community all want boards deliver real outcomes. How can directors better understand the needs of stakeholders, on climate change? What role should stakeholders have in a board’s decision-making process? What are the risks of not adequately considering stakeholders’ interests?

    Lessons From Abroad: International Solutions to a Global Issue

    Climate change is a truly global issue, with wide-ranging implications across the planet. What steps are international boards and overseas directors taking to address this challenge? Are there measures and processes that we should be looking to replicate, here in Australia? What can Australian directors learn from their international counterparts?

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