Which Two Heads Are Better Than One? 2nd Edition

by Juliet Bourke

Which two heads are better than one 2nd edition

What can leadership teams do to reduce the risk of group think and increase the potential for innovation within their organisations? How can they deliver breakthrough thinking and make smarter collective decisions?

The definitive work on diversity of thinking and inclusive leadership, Which Two Heads Are Better Than One? provides a proven formula.

Blending cutting-edge research and highly practical tips, Juliet Bourke challenges mainstream assumptions about diversity of thinking, and delivers a comprehensive framework to help ensure boards and executive teams see scenarios broadly, discuss options thoroughly, mitigate biases effectively and operate inclusively.

This new edition is a must-read for any leader looking to create genuinely diverse thinking groups, and packed with contemporary case studies ranging from the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Asia to the Netflix $1million competition solution and the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

After a decade or more of research telling us that diversity can deliver significant benefits, at last we have an evidence-based roadmap for how. I love this book.

Kate Jenkins
Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Juliet Bourke Photo
Juliet Bourke

Juliet Bourke is a partner in Human Capital at Deloitte. With a unique background in law, psychology and business, she leads Deloitte Australia’s Diversity and Inclusion practice, and co-leads the Leadership practice. She lives between the worlds of academic research and consulting engagements, and brings the best of both to her thinking and practical advice. She is a prolific writer, a regular speaker at international conferences and advisor to executives and boards.

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  • Authors: Juliet Bourke
  • Print ISBN: 9781876604769
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  • Publisher: Australian Institute of Company Directors
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