Q and A with Marcel Mol

Monday, 01 September 2014


    Marcel Mol discusses his lifelong passion for learning and the importance of constant innovation in delivering adult education.

    Company director (CD): What does your role entail?

    Marcel Mol (MM): I lead the director and board development (D&BD) team at Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    I am responsible for the continual development of our portfolio of education and learning products which is designed to enrich the practice of directorship and build the capability of directors, boards and executives across Australia and beyond.

    CD: What are the major challenges of your role?

    MM: Driving innovation in our product content and delivery, and staying on top of current and emerging governance trends. The environment within which our directors operate continually changes and it is important that our curriculum reflects those changes and adequately prepares directors to excel in their duties.
    At the same time, adult education continues to evolve and adapt. So we need to look at how we deliver our courses in order to offer contemporary and appropriate delivery methods.

    CD: What do you enjoy most about your role?

    MM: Education is my passion. I thoroughly enjoy all parts of the learning cycle – from understanding and uncovering learning needs, to designing options and delivering solutions and finally participating in the reflection and assessment tasks.
    Also, working with Australia’s finest minds in the areas of governance, risk management, strategy and board culture is a real privilege.

    CD: What would you most like to achieve in your role?

    MM: To continue to build the reputation of Company Directors as the world’s leading institute and education body in the area of governance and director capability.

    CD: What do you most like about working with the directors of Australia?

    MM: What’s not to like about working with smart people, who are self-motivated and driven to succeed? In addition, it has been fascinating uncovering how diverse our members are – from small business owners and not-for-profit directors to directors in health services and disability support and those who operate in the dairy industry and automotive sector.

    Each member brings a unique perspective and an individual story of governance and business leadership.

    CD: What is your background?

    MM: I started my professional life as a high school teacher. Then I moved into systems training, working primarily with lawyers to deploy practice management systems.

    In 2003, I took up the role of learning and development manager at Clayton Utz. I then moved on to the CSIRO, leading the learning function across Australia.
    In 2008, I joined Ernst & Young and took up the role of director of learning for the Oceania region.
    During this time I was able to further expand my skills in psychometric testing and coaching, and was eventually accredited an executive coach by the International Coaching Federation.

    CD: Why did you join Company Directors?

    MM: Company Directors offers its people an intimate, high-achieving working environment.
    Through its members, you can affect great learning and make a tangible, positive difference to the business environment in Australia.

    CD: What drives you?

    MM: I like to resolve challenges. And ideally, I like to resolve challenges through learning.
    Bringing smart people together into a room and enabling the transfer of knowledge, skills and awareness is deeply satisfying.

    CD: What is the biggest lesson you’ve ever learnt in life?

    MM: I am fundamentally impatient. Perhaps too often I intervene or worry far too early. Each day I remind myself that sometimes, challenges have a way of resolving themselves.

    CD: What do you do in your spare time?

    MM: I enjoy eating out and nothing beats a hearty Sunday brunch or a relaxed evening enjoying Italian or Middle Eastern food.

    I also like to travel – big cities or beach holidays are great. Paris and Istanbul have been my favourite destinations and Berlin is next on the list.

    I’m also an aviation enthusiast – commercial jet liners have fascinated me all my life and one day I will complete the requirements for my pilot’s licence.

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