Reconciliation Australia has launched its 2024 Workplace RAP Barometer national research survey. Conducted every two years, the survey tracks attitudes and perceptions of employees towards reconciliation at organisations with a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Organisations are encouraged to take part in the survey so they can understand the impact that their RAPs are having within their workplaces.

    Reconciliation Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) network of 3,200 organisations directly impacts 5.4 million Australians every day, as shown in its annual RAP Impact report.

    Reconciliation Australia surveys this vast network every two years through the Workplace RAP Barometer (WRB), which tracks the attitudes of workplace staff and their leaders over time.

    The AICD is taking part this year in the WRB, which has been conducted since 2012 and is anonymous.

    Reconciliation Australia’s RAP Program General Manager Peter Morris says it is important for organisations to take part in the survey to measure the success and strengths of their RAP activities and where they need to adjust.

    ‘It can help your organisation understand where your RAP is really making a difference,’ he says.

    The Barometer also  indicates a benchmark comparison as to where your RAP sits in terms of the broader Australian population.

    “RAPs provide organisations with a long-term structured journey to advance reconciliation. The Barometer helps you to see the difference that work is making and track your change over time,’ he says.

    Participation by employees in Australia has increased significantly over time. In 2022, responses from 32,566 respondents were collated from 205 organisations.

    Barometer results since 2012 have already given strong insights into helping RAP partners navigate important conversations and their education plans, says Morris. 

    “The first insight is that participation drives understanding. Some RAP leaders worry that there are too many activities, but the research shows it is important to provide opportunities for people to engage and those opportunities drive further interest,” he said.

    ‘The second is that education strengthens support. Engaging RAP employees and increasing their understanding of these issues enables support across your organisation.

    “RAP employees are much more likely than the general population to believe that the relationship with First Nations peoples is very important, not just somewhat important.”

    The Workplace RAP Barometer, which is valuable for all organisations either starting or continuing their reconciliation journey, also reflects findings around how awareness of history helps to address past injustices, Morris said. 

    “There has been a trajectory over the past eight years, with a change in the hearts and minds of the employees of RAP organisations: Seventy-one per cent of the employees of RAP organisations, compared to 40 per cent of the broader population, agree that it’s important to learn about the past issues of European colonisation and government policy for First Nations Australians,” he said.

    Employees of RAP organisations also have a stronger understanding of key facts about Australia’s colonial past, and the importance of truth-telling has  increased significantly over time, Morris added.

    The benefits for organisations taking part include:

    • Assessing the performance of your organisation against key RAP objectives.
    • Uncovering your organisation’s strengths and areas of the RAP that needs greater attention.
    • Reporting your successes and challenges in clear, informative data.

    How to take part:

    For more information, check out the information pack available online here.

    Please also watch an information webinar on the Workplace RAP Barometer hosted by Reconciliation Australia. 

    Access the 2022 Barometer here.

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